I really just wanted to get some feedback from other SAMC members. Recently at a monthly post meeting, we had a nomination for a CSM to be an Honorary Inductee. I spoke my mind and voted against this person, and others voted against him as well, so now there is a little dissention in our club.

My reasoning is that the club was around while he was still a SSG. He had the opportunity to appear before a board and to be recommended by his supervisors. I just do not believe that every time a CSM is nominated for induction they should get it based off of their rank. I would feel better doing so if they supported our club or activities and fundraisers a bit, but do not feel obligated to vote for an induction.

If other members would please share their thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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I didn't know "honorary" inductions were commonplace. I agree with you and to me it seems awfully silly to be inducting people as honorary members of a club when more junior NCOs have worked their ass off and studied their ass off to become EARNED members. I would embarrassed to even be an honorary member...what a joke.
So this mean that I worked my ass off to be inducted into the SAMC when I could've just waited until I became a CSM and become an honorary member? This is just wrong on so many levels. Honorary member my foot! Might as well give my medallion back at the next meeting, because something like that kinda cheapens the prestige of the Club.
First of all I agree with the attitude that every CSM should not be given this membership just because they are at the rank they are.
Good for your club for deciding this senior NCO was not the type of NCO that should be inducted honorary or otherwise.
I do think however it should be decided on a case by case basis and those Senior NCO’s who exemplify the qualities and attributes of a member should be considered. I wouldn’t mind so much about the participation of the CSM in the club; even medallion CSM’s are only supposed to be mentors in the club not run it. The main question I would ask is how has this NCO contributed to the corps and what has he done for his soldiers?
You are all correct about Honorary Membership. I've been around the SAMC since I was inducted in 1994. Even back then, 1SG/MSG/SGM/CSMs were nominated way too often for the reasons you mentioned (and I am also against).

The FORSCOM reg recently changed to eliminate Honorary Membership for qualified civilians. This is an area that should've been even more restrictive, but too often abuse was found. Honorary Membership for civilians is the same as for any SAMC member. An example of a qualified civilian who was nominated and inducted is Nadene Murphy, Audie's younger sister. Nadene often spoke all over the country at military events honoring her brother, for no fee, and has done so since the 70s. The Fort Sill SAMC chapter nominated her as an Honorary member. It went all the way up to the TRADOC CSM and was approved in 1999.

The TRADOC reg still allows for civilian nominees, but there hasn't been a successful nomination in many, many years.

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