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I am active duty , E5, married to another service member( my husband is E5 as well, I am on orders to Fort Sam Houston, to reclass to 68V( which I am extremely excited about!!!!) however, when I went up to talk to housing today to ask them if I should switch the house( we live on-post) in my husbands name, since he is unable to come with me, they notified me that he will have to move to the barracks and we'll need an exception to policy ( signed by Garrison Commander) to keep his BAH if he tries to live off post...It just doesn't sound right to me...It's not like I got divorced I am just trying to go to schoolFrowner any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Do you guys have any children? If not, that means you guys get BAH without dependent, because both of you are service members, i don't think you can claim eachother as a dependent. Maybe i am wrong on this, but i think the info you got is actually right. Usually, the housing on post is for family with dependents, single Soldier (including the geo bachelor) are living in the barracks or off post.
Thank you for your response!We do live on post now...I did a little more research and this is what I found...
The Markets (both PFCs in the Army) are assigned together at an Army Post in Texas. They have no children, and are living off-base. Both are receiving single-rate housing allowance. One of the members, Sally gets orders for a 12-month remote (unaccompanied) tour to Korea. While in Korea, Sally loses her housing allowance (because she is living in the barracks there). John, still stationed in Texas and living in their off-base house while she is gone, will continue to receive his single-rate housing allowance.
So I already started looking for apartments off post, since my husband gets to keep his BAH..
Did you engage your chain of command on this issue?

What do your orders state?

Is this TDY and return or TDY en route to another duty station?

I do not see why you need to change the name of the house and why he cannot remain there while you are in school.

I will engage your squad leader, platoon sergeant, 1SG on this matter.

It is like when I went to a school and had my wife and kids living on-post.
I am attached, my unit got deactivated...
My orders state that I am not authorized dependents. Since my husband is active duty as well, he will not be moving with me until i complete the school ( thats what his branch told him). My school is a year long...
You still did not answer the question.

Regardless, if you are attached or detached, you still have a chain of command.

Also, it could be numerous reasons why your school (even though the length is over 6 months) is considered a TDY versus a PCS. It could be due to fiscal reasons, class demographic, etc.

The point is that I do not think as a married Soldier, your dual status husband is required to move into the barracks.

You can always do a quick informal with your IG rep on your installation to answer your question.

Also, if your spouse has to move to the barracks, I do not think you will be liable to pay out of pocket for your storage. That should be on the military's dime.

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