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So to keep a very long, boring story short;

I was accused of “cheating” on a competition my unit had even though I made it very clear to every person in the unit and the evaluation team that I had prior knowledge of the events and should not be tested. I was told “we thought you were blowing smoke up our ass to get out of it”. Now they are saying basically it’s going to reflect on my NCOER that I cheated on this exam, even though I stated that I knew what was going to happen during this event.
My thru date is coming up within the next 60 days. My question is, should I bring this to the IG prior to it going on my NCOER or wait for an appeal and do it that way? I have not seen my NCOER (I had to write it, submitted it, then this occurred). I’m an E-6 with 9 years in right now and worried about future career implications if I receive the “no” block on front page or possibly a needs improvement on the back somewhere or even a 4/4 rating. I have been an outstanding performer, worked numerous positions, 90 days as a 4O level. Have 4 additional duties that all received perfects on their inspections (COMESEC, physical security, re-enlistment (talked 6 people to re-up under me), and armorer). Finished my B.S. degree during this rated period. Trained over 20 people to qualify on our systems…

All this because a pointless competition I protested and said I should not compete and they forced me to do it anyways…. It blows my mind…

I was literally told today they are not going to give me an article 15, but they will make sure I learn from it and then talked in regards to my NCOER. The CMDR was the one who started all this and I’ve used the open door policy and had nothing answered really.
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First I would recommend that you go ahead and write a memo for record with your version of the events that occurred that day (and leading up to it). If you have one or two other NCOs that can back your story up, I would ask them to do the same thing. Once that is done, I would use the open door one more time with this evidence and talk to the commander. If it looks like it is still going down hill then I would probably go see IG. I am going to hazard to guess that they will tell you that they can't do anything until you have actually received your evaluation, but you never know. Either way you will be in a better position to appeal it if/when it comes to that. Good luck.
CW3 Ward,

Thank you. I have an entire room of NCOs that said they will sign a statement which states that "when asked if any person has prior knowledge of this competition and should not compete raise your hand" to which I did. That is two SFC, four SSGs, seven SGTs, and numerous lower enlisted. I have used the policy; they have sworn statements from all these people saying that I did that and still are looking to "make me learn from my mistake" as I was told.

I really feel it is becuase I am considered the subject matter expert, and my unit was trying to win this award. I had the higest score and afterwhich the eval team said I must have known something and they D/Qed me... It seems like they wanted to win and do it anyway possible, and when it was found out that I actually knew events and was D/Qed they were pissed that I got "caught" and want to make an example about me...

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