How do I Drop the M6 ASI

I've been a 68WM6 for a long time... To give you an idea I used to be a 91C. Too long. I want to drop this ASI. I'm sick of being assigned to hospitals and having my assignment potential limited by this ASI. I want to go back to the Regular Army.

Does anyone have any insight on how to go about doing this?
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Originally posted by KingofMinot2:
Submit a DA Form 4187 thru your unit to the Branch. I'm shocked someone would want to give it up but I see how it can limit your assignments only hospitals I take it.

You won't just got to hospitals. There are also CSH's and FST's that need M6's. I'm in a FST right now and all 3 of the M6's hate their job.
After years in hospitals and deploying with a couple of CSH's, I thought I wanted out of the hospital. That was until I landed in one and quickly realized that the only thing that kept the CSH running downrange was the Profis personal.
If you land anywhere like I currently am prepare to lose your skills. In the last year I have lost every certification I had and have watched everyone else lose theirs as well. Meanwhile, our medics and m6's will be taking a CLS course next joking...
Originally posted by Sergeant Medic:
M6 = LVN...nurse. At what point did you think you wouldn't be doing nurse stuff? One way is to not recert your LVN license but keep your EMT-B. Don't know if this would make you non-MOSQ though and involuntarily reclassed. Or, just reclass.

Just to point out that it is LPN.

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