How do I find a TM for a Tesla Ground Power Unit?

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My MOS is 94E, radio repair. I am currently assigned to a motor pool and have yet to perform my MOS. Although I have done some low level maintenance on Humvees. A few guys above me(my platoon leader and the Battallion motor Officer) have tasked me with repairing several Tesla ground power units(possibly as a move of desperation, considering the current fiscal situation, and the fact that these units apparently cost $8,000 apiece),as only 1 out of our 5 units actually work anymore, despite the fact that I am a neophyte soldier(this is my first permanent party station). I do not have the NSN readily available(although I will be able to get it Monday), but I believe that the units we have are these models. I have tried looking at the online documentation, which essentially says,"Don't fucking try to fix it if it is under warranty", which I am assuming they are not.
Therefore, my question is this, Is it possible to any other documenation(I.E. -10 or -20 TM) than what is available on the company website that would enable me to conduct repairs on the units?
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You can go to and get an account to download TMs.

IF these units are under warranty, it's easy- you call the phone number on a sticker or in the TM or contact a Field Support Rep and they send someone or give you instructions to send it in. (of course depending on the contract, ya'll might have to pay shipping...)

IF they are not under warranty- you need to follow the levels of maintenance in the TM or the Army could charge YOU for any damages. You are not authorized (by MTOE probably) to do anything more than the 10-level maintenance. Next shop up from you can do the 20-level, because they have the tools/experience etc....

You need to talk with someone knowledgeable, so you can get the info/documentation necessary to talk to your PL/BMO- you should NOT be going that far outside your lane without someone assisting and mentoring.

No "budget cuts" excuse will hold up when the Commander has to blame someone for toasting an expensive piece of equipment. !

YES, as budget cuts force the army to stop relying on contracted support we will have to start doing maintenance and repairs the "old school" way- with Soldiers digging into manuals and working on stuff we haven't since 2002..

-Take my advice for what you will, contact me via PM if you need. I started the Army as a PFC working in the BN electronics maintenance shop and had experience working with "3rd shop". Anyone you ask for help should know what that means or you need to find someone else. (we had 31P (now 25P) and 35E (now 94E) in our shop...)
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