How do slots open up for E-6

For anyone out there who knows how the process works.

I'm in an MOS that has cutoff set at 798.

After this SFC board is over, when will those
E-6's move up and free up slots for us E-5's?

I ask because I have the most points in my most and would get picked up if one slot opened up.

Thanks a bunch
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Uh throughout the next fiscal year? Big Army gives the board a number to meet for the SFC board that they project will be needed due to retirements, attrition, etc. Depending on what that number is and how many SSG's eventually get promoted that is when you should have a general idea because they get picked up when their number hits on the OML.

That does not mean that is the only way, you still have other SSG's getting out because their contract is over or for other reasons.

I don't know what else to say other than when a slot opens it opens.
Originally posted by letmegetthatforyou:
ahh okay.

So basically theres no month that the slots open up? like in June? More like a waiting game until the points drop.


Points drop BECAUSE there are slots open- DA knows how many slots and how many Soldiers have 797 points, 796, etc...

They drop the points to promote the right amount of Soldiers. It doesn't happen just randomly or on a schedule. When there are slots, the points will drop.

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