How hard do I need to study for DL Exams # 1 & # 2

1. How hard do I need to study for the WOC Phase 1 DL Exams?

I have read all of the handouts, power points, and FM 1 The Army. I am finishing up reading DoD Directive 5100.01 and the Commander's Handbook for Unit Leader Development.

2. Are the questions just multiple choice and fill in the blank?

3. Do I need to read original source material such as ADRP 6-22 and the CRM manual or are the handouts good enough?

4. Do I need to know the vignettes in the hand outs? For example, will the exam ask me question about the vignettes?

5. Do I need to go through the work book exercises in order to prepare for the exam?

I was selected for the Audie Murphy Club before getting approved for WOCS, so a lot of the material is just a review for me. This is why I am asking how I need to study.

Do I need to memorize a bunch of terms or can I get by with just highlighting and tabbing the hand outs?

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They tell you at the bottom of the question what section it is from. I suggest having another page open with the different sections so you can go into them and find the answers. Control F is your friend on this test. Trust me. I think you studied more than enough.

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