How long for results??

I did my physical 6 weeks ago. I did a 40-501 (over 40). I checked-out ok. The doc told me I was in very good shape. I talked to my recruiter, and he said the rest of my physical is great except that they are still waiting for my blood results to come in. He told me that waiting 6 weeks to 2 months is the norm.
I know for fact that my blood work is good.

I have a family and Im just trying to guess as best as possible what would be the soonest I could ship-out.

Does anyone know: Are they running my background check at the same time or after my med comes in? I still have to wait for a background check after my med. ?

OR what would be my estimated time to be shipped out the time I could be given a ship date after my medical comes in?

OR how long does it take for my med to come in?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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What your Recruiter said sounds about right, I had a guy sign up over 40 years old and it took a couple of weeks for the results to come back, maybe not two months but yeah...also your Recruiter "can" run your police checks while your med-read is out...but he doesnt have to...also do you need a criminal waiver? is that why you are so worried about police checks?....if you sign up this month you are looking at shipping in probably september/october timeframe...
Thank you for the reply.
No. Im not worry about any criminal issues. My record is clean. Im in between jobs and Im trying my best to budget myself best as possible. Also, I wanted to get an idea as to what would happen if I did get a job this month.
But yes, I was guessing September as my shipping month.

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