I have an NCO whose NCOERs show variances between 68/67 over the last 4 years. He always gets taped but is 5% under or so ATM with the same weight as last year.

I've heard that you want to keep the height the same across the board but this guy is close and usually has to get re measured.

I want to ensure I set him up for success later down the line. Are those types of variances going to matter in the future if it keeps varying every few years by an inch?

I can see a few inches or even more being an alarming sign, but I believe I am just going to tell him to request it be 68 every time regardless of what the measurement says.

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There can be tiny fluctuations and what you are describing is fine. Really, since you round up/down depending on the exact measurement, 1/4 inch can make that difference.

What they don't want to see is me being 63 inches tall in 2002, up to 65/66 inches in 2012, as I've put on 20-30 pounds.
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An inch isn't going to raise any alarms. I'm 76 inches since the day I joined but some times they try and say 75 and something. It also depends on the time of day you get measured. As the day go on, the shorter you are. Gravity starts weighing on you.

Ok that's new to me, has no idea.

I knew large differences were a no of it was the small variances I was wondering about.

Thanks all.

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