How to become a instructor?

Your branch manager! I'd contact them and get the legistics for your MOSs requirement on being a instructor. Example: For my current MOS you must be a SGT and be stationed at least one year in a duty statione with the MOS

oh yeah, don't forget to inform your retention officer of what you want.
When you say an instructor, what's your MOS? Are you on the construction or the combat side of the house? All you have to do is say you'll reenlist to come to Ft. Leonard Wood. You'll be in 577th En Bn. If you're in the combat side, you'll go to HHC (Sapper School - you ARE qualified, right?) or Charlie Company (bridge/boat and combat engineer). If you're heavy junk, you'll go to Bravo. I was instructing at the loader phase for two years, so I SHOULD have a clue as to where you might go. Drop me a line. I'm a drill with a 21B/C OSUT company, and I still know one or two instructors out at almost all the sites (not to mention I was in the same battalion as they). Don't have high hopes. We ARE still Lost in the Woods. Hit me up, I can give you a few tips and clues. We're in the AIT protion and I'll have about a 2-3 week cycle break after graduation (4 Feb).

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Engineers clear and build the way!!!!!
Air Assault!!!

-Who is going to train the privates? Not everyone can be a drill sergeant.

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