How to consel for ASAP?

I'm still an E4 (now in 2nd Zone for Sgt) in a Team Leader position.

I'm still working with a very hostile/angry soldier who needs to be consoled for completed ASAP successfully.

The only thing is, is that I was told to counsel him. I wasn't given any background info that he was there or was going. He did complete the program successfully, or so I'm told. He is pretty hostile/angry towards me, and often won't talk to me or give me information on what is going on in his life. However, I'm pretty sure I have to counsel him, correct (I'm not getting much guidance on this)?

What is the recommendation here?

Do I have to get background info on why he was in ASAP (basically sit down with him one-on-one and talk), what he did in ASAP and is there a chance he could be going back to ASAP in case of a relapse?

Also, I'm not sure how to write up the counseling statement, so that it is fair, yet firm, and complete. If anyone can provide any help, that would be great.

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Is this Soldier assigned to you?

Sounds like you're being handed a "clean up the latrine" duty without the right tools.

I would keep it simple.
"SPC Snuffy, you have completed ASAP successfully. Remember the things you learned, use them, talk with your leadership, chaplain, or Army One Source if you need help."

Plan of action= refrain from substance abuse
Leadership duties= monitor behavior, be someone to talk with. (whatever you feel ok with)
Thank you for the responses.

My question is that I just looked thru the soldier's counseling packet and I don't see an initial counseling. Is there supposed to be an initial one for ASAP?

The reason I ask about this is that I got an initial counseling for WCL. When I did hometown recruiting out of AIT, I also got an initial counseling too from the Army Recruiter.

It sounds like whenever you do something, or go to a school, you get an initial counseling to keep the solider in check.

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