We have so many negetive post about NCOERs.. I thought it might be a good time to ask the question..How do you get an excellence?

My example is .... Once you get to a new unit.. obtain the APFT scores of your soldiers... Then challenge your new soldiers to do push-up and set-ups during the duty day. Make a game of it. It will only take a few minutes a day but will make a big difference. Then when you are counseled for your NCOER you can state by percent the improvement of your soldiers on the next APFT. That's a hard number and therfore translates to an excellence (if you do it right). RFH
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I agree with MSG, raising the average of your section always looks good on the NCOER. The same thing applies with the range. Look at your sections scores and try and teach them some techniques to shoot better. If you know some tricks at the range why not share? If you have been stationed at carson you should know about the 1 round hitting 2 targets. Stuff like that can improve a soldiers qualification score.

Volunteer to give Sergeant's Time Training to the company. If you do it enough you can add a bullet with something like "trained 150 Soldier company in numerous tasks which resulted in improved combat readiness"

not an exact bullet, but will look good on an NCOER.
Documentation is the key.
I record everything I do. (taskings, classes, accomplishments, etc.)
Ensure you are getting counseled quarterly or more. Ask your rater what he expects as an excellence. Also ask your rater quiarterly on areas in which you can improve. If he can't tell you how to improve, then he probably can't tell you why you don't deserve an excellence.

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