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Hello. I need help. I have to give a class on how to give a class. I have attempted to find Army references or Army doctrine to assist me but have not had any luck. Can anyone in the Army Community help me with this?
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let's see. things to cover( i just went to school and did a lengthy class on this topic)
.what the training is
.CRM (form and briefing it. you brief it ant the beginning end)
.Task condition standard ( beginning and right before evaluations)
.recon the training site
.training aides if applicable
.become well versed on topic at hand
.dont just read powerpoint, involve soldiers in discussion ie make them read some slides
provide insight based on your experiences and allow others to provide insight
.have evaluation sheet printed out to include TPE (trained to standard, needs practice, or untrained. this goes for the class as a whole for the task. individuals are given a go/no go
.AAR dont ask for a number of improvements or sustainments. let them give you what they have
.PMCS equipment before training
.get accountability beforehand( sign in roster)
.after training give the brief at the beginning again and ask if task was accomplished to standard
.close out the training site
.backbrief higher ups
.brief highups well before you conduct class
.set a time standard for evaluations and for practices to limit time waste
....there is a set list i have but i left it at work. i will post the 25 item checklist on monday evening but this will give you a basic understanding. these are not in order but i will clarify the order in any way i can

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