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i need help transfering from the TN ANG to active duty, im being told from my ready NCO that the TN ANG doesnt like to release anyone because they paid for their training etc.. but i transfered to TN ANG from the PA ANG, so that means that the PA ANG paid for my training and they took back all the gear besides my uniforms and ive been at my new unit for about 6 months and havent been given anything.So all the paid for was for me to show up at drill.
Im in a personal company which is mainly 42A's and im a 25U. theres also only 2 25U slots but there is 3 of us? whould anything listed above help me to go active?
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ANG stands for Air National Guard not Army National Guard (ARNG).

Anyway, submit your DA 4187 and DD 368 Conditional release form up the chain and see what happens.

I went from the Guard to Active in 2003 and been serving for 9 years already on Army AD coupled with my AD time in the Marine Corps. To me, it was the better option to complete 20 years of active duty.
It's not the cost of training.

Last time I dealt with TN NG they had no problem doing a conditional release for USAR.

I think the most limiting factor is RA. The real question is if the RA has any need for 25U PFCs.

I'm moving this post, since it has nothing to do with uniforms, awards, or decorations.
Fist thing, go talk to you local recruiter and see if (like Daddy Warcrimes said) the RA is taking 25U's.

I can't remember the exact MOS's that are currently available for switching over. Your recruiter should be able to tell you.

But, yes, the two forms that the recruiter will have you sign is a 4187 and 368 to turn into your unit to get sent up and signed.

Depending how receptive they will be to letting you go will kind of determine how fast it will get turned around.
For Army reserve to active Army here is the current process: 1. See AD recruiter and have them start DD368 (conditional release). 2. See your retention NCO for a retention counseling. (DA 4856) 3. Fill out a DA 4187 (request for personnel action) Your recruiter MIGHT help with this. 4. Write a Memorandum for conditional release stating why they should release you. 5. See your Commander for a Commander's counseling (DA 4856). Get CO's signature on 4187. 6. This entire packet must now go to Brigade level for approval. If approved: You take the 368 & 4187 back to AD recruiter and begin the process of enlistment to AD. Remember to bring ALL the paperwork with you that you had to when you first enlisted (birth cert., Driver's lic., etc. and remember you will need the same for any dependants plus marriage license if that applies. All origional. documents with raised seals. Then it's off to MEPS for you! I am going through this right now, So I can assure you this is the current process.

There you go bro a straight foreward answer.
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