How to ruin a great Soldier

I am seeking advice and some answers from those in the know. My husband has been in the Army for over 11 years now. He has deployed 6 times, 3 to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan. Usually his command would bring up a waiver for his home time at about 6 months home but sometimes they would ask him after he had been home for 3 months. In between these deployments you have the training of course. This meant that my husband had spent 1 Christmas home in 10 years time. All of his deployments were within that 10 year timeframe. In his time in the service he has recieved a box full of coins from various commands and a whole lot of awards and medals from MSM and down. He started out in the Army as an airborne 42A and decided after about 8 years he would be able to help more people if he changed his MOS to 56M. He has spent the rest of his military career as a Chaplains Assistant and loved his job up until about 4 years ago. He came back from Afganistan having nightmares and not able to sleep more than a couple of hours per night. He started having shakes and staying very angry all of the time. He has always been the kind of Soldier who hid whatever was bothering him and "sucking it up" like a good Soldier. He deployed again, this time to Iraq again, and came back even more angry and still unable to sleep for the nightmares. His new command found out that he had just gotten back from deployment and asked him to waive his time at 4 months. I threw a fit and he told them he needed to stay home for a year. His first whole year home in 10 years. As soon as he refused to sign the waiver, his promotion got lost. They said it was because they were packing up to deploy and it got lost in all the shuffle. They found his promotion stuff and agreed to promote him as soon as he does another pt test, which he can't do right now as he is injured. He has completely broken down his arches from all of the jumps and his neck is injured as well. He finally agreed to go see a doctor and volutarily went to his mental health command who said that it would take too long to process him out with PTSD , which he is willing to agree that he has, and so he says he wants my husband to do a chapter 5-17 for adjustment disorder. I'm not understanding why they want to do this chapter. Can someone tell me what is really going on here?
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Sorry to hear.
I hope he gets the support he needs- I saw a Chaplain have a complete nervous breakdown after a deployment a while back. The Chaplains and assistants have a rough job.

Here's my cynical view on what you've presented-
Most workers are looking to get the job done with the littlest amount of effort possible. In this case, the "job" being take care of your husband.

Chapter for PTSD will require lots of testing, counseling, paperwork. It would give your husband disability and likely other benefits. My Guess is that the 5-17 would be Easier for them but not provide as much support for him.

I would start off first of all refusing those waivers. The rules are there for a reason, which apparently these leaders aren't thinking about.

Ya'll could call Army one source, there are lots of other resources (finally!) for Soldiers suffering stress from deployment. See the healthclinic, hospital, wherever if he still needs help.

DON'T take the easy path out. He's got the rest of his life in front of him, the yahoos who say it will be "easier to do X" likely will just move on to the next thing. Your husband's future isn't as important to them as it is to you or him. So hang in there! Smiler

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