Husband wants to reclass, I am concerned.

My Husband is an 88M and is do to reenlist when he returns from his deployment which will be soon. He has told me he wants to re-class to a 35F. Honestly I don't know how much he has really looked into it and I myself am unsure of his decision although he has not made one yet. I have done all the research I think I can for it and others and I know what is available to him. I am confused, He is due for promotion from an E4 to E5, so Can he get promoted prior to reclassification, if so should he not expand his options? I am trying to be a supportive wife in any and all decisions he makes but I think there are more possibilities out there for him how do I get him to look at all different possibilities available to him without looking like a bad guy. and honestly I don't mind the 35F just want to make sure it is the best thing for him.( and it is what he wants) any advice would be appreciated.
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Are you military or prior military?

I only ask because I want to ensure you understand the different MOSs and 88M sucks. I dislike when wives try to stick their noses in something they vaguely understand such as the Army, if you are just a spouse.

Be supportive, don't worry about his promotion, I think it's more important if he is happy
There is no way I would be an 88M over a 35F. It's like comparing a bagger in a checkout line to the store manager. Not only for promotion potential, but for the potential to get a job after leaving the army. Not only the security clearance, but the potential to work with in a variety of Intelligence disciplines with a lot of amazing job opportunities. I've work debriefing defectors, counter narcotics (both S. America and Afghanistan) as well as the generic Intel/Security that we do quite a bit. The only thing that 35F is missing is a langage.
Maybe I didn't explain myself very well, YES I am prior Military, but now am just a spouse, but that has nothing to do with it. I understand being an 88M sucks he has told me plenty of times, I am not wanting him to stay where he is I want him to look at all the options not just one. SO to be CLEAR NO 88M YES something NEW! is that better?
What he should do is drop you.

You are not confident in his decision making ability therefore you feel the need to research additional jobs and come on and ask for other opinions

35F is a great MOS from what I hear and what I had read.

What MOS would you like him to look into? He will eventually get promoted so let him learn a more useful skill and pursue a new goal for happiness and satisfaction.

You asked for advice right? Well, be a good wife, be supportive, place some faith and confidence into your husbands decision making and kindly say "hey hunny, what do you think of this job?"
first off I wasn't trying to be rude to you nor anyone else, so please drop the attitude. I wasn't saying 35F was bad, I didn't say he shouldn't I just want to make sure that is what he wants, when I asked questions about it he couldn't give me any answers so I honestly don't even think he really knew anything about it except it was better than what he was in and I am sure anything is better than that, He was the one that told me to look up the info, I do support my husband in all decisions he makes, and he loves me for everything I do for him i wasn't saying anything bad about the 35F I was asking about promotions and how to nicely ask about him looking into other MOSs. If 35 F is what he does choose I am perfectly fine with that. And why would you for one minute think I was against my husband in anyway. I didnt know by signing up for this website and asking my very first question I would have such a rude response.Nor did I know I would be disrespected. I think maybe you should think twice about how you treat people. and please stop being so nasty and rude I never did anything to you!
Understand 90% of the time I am always rude, it's not you.... I was not hugged enough as a child and was not breast fed, sometimes that anger still comes out til this day.

Seriously though you were the one that stated you were confused by your husband actions and unsure of his decisions, your words not mine.

All I was saying is despite being up for promotion 88M is a crappy job so support the fact he wants to get out, even if he doesn't know much about 35F, he has yet to sign any paper work... He's just showing interest in the field.
well so u know, he decided he wants 35L, we talked it over this morning, and I support his decision in it. So no 35F, and he wants to go for 35L. and honestly I am completely happy with his decision! and seven, thank you for your opinion on the matter even though I had to look past your rude ways I still understood your point. Maybe just maybe you could try to be a bit nicer, and you might actually find you get more positive attention in the end. Smiler

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