My husband is currently at basic training at fort sill Oklahoma and will then be going to his ait at goodfellow afb for the 35n mos. I've heard that it is a pcs move but the internet can be so conflicting and I was just hoping to find a straight answer if it truly is a pcs move and how long it would be until he could live off base with me. Thanks so much in advance for any help.
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Before your husband graduates BCT he will meet with people who will tell him about his AIT move. I believe depending on the length of AIT will depend on what he can bring, and I also believe if AIT is a certain time length the Army will move dependents but he should ask his BCT instructors on that info.
He will have orders when he leaves BCT. He should have a statement about his dependants on those orders. If not, the orders will have to be changed when he gets to AIT. Which takes time.

IF you join him at AIT, you must understand he is UNAVAILABLE during worktimes. The Army is not a 9 to 5 job, although some days he will be able to come home "on time", other times he will have to go in earlier than 'usual' or 'come home late'. Or go in on a Saturday to sit in a classroom. He will not like this and neither will you! Bitching about it to him will not help him.

He will not be able to just stay home to watch sick kids, to take you to the store or leave for emergencies- even bigtime medical appointments.

AIT SUCKS because you're still shackled down with what is called "TRADOC" (tray-dock, Training and Doctrine Command). Yet if it's a long AIT (which it has to be for you to move there,) it will begin to seem like a boring regular job. He needs to stay focused and just get it done so you can go to your "first duty station" and be free of that mess.

At my AIT my wife moved to Fort Gordon with me. We had one car, sometimes I took it, sometimes she dropped me off. I remember several incidents where she had to wait around a few hours for us to get released for whatever reason. I got a phone call that she had been in a car crash. I had to wait until the end of the day to go with her to get a rental car and see our car.

I taught AIT for a year, and have been in the army 12 years now. the Army has been quite the experience. If your husband DOES WHAT HE SHOULD, as well and cheerfully as he can, the Army will take care of him and you.

But I have seen other families where the Soldier just doesn't like doing what they are supposed to- they don't get promoted, they have problems with their supervisors, so the boss is less willing to cut them any slack or work with them if there are problems or emergencies.

welcome to the Army family and good luck to you!
It's been 8 years since I was at Goodfellow, but from what I recall the 35N (then called 98C) course is not long enough for students to be able to bring their dependents with them at government cost. I'm a 35P, and my course was 4 months long. There was another Soldier there who was living off post with his wife at his own cost, and with the command's explicit permission. The course is only 4 months long; which I realize can seem like a long time in addition to basic training, but keep in mind that as an Army spouse, you need to become accustomed long periods of absence of up to a full year.
If AIT is too short and/or the government won't be paying to move you, DON'T MOVE YOURSELF. You run into lots of other hassles and problems.

You might take a trip to go see him, but I have seen too many families who run into lots of financial issues because they decide to move on their own.

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