I'm taking my ASVAB next Tuesday , couple of questions.

Hello guys , today I went up to the recruiting office and talked to the guys there. I just got my GED in the mail and I told them I wanted to see about joining and told them that I have the GED, to my surprised he said that's fine and said I'm good to go , I just need to score higher than 50 on the ASVAB.

He then offered me a practice ASVAB test , which caught me off guard , but I said ok screw it lets take it. 30 Min later I was finished and got a score of 64. I told him what fields I wanted to go in ( computers , network ect... ) he said if I score the same on my main test I'd have options for 3 different computer jobs.

I was pretty damn happy , so I told him I'd take a week and study a little more then take it. He took down my info and said he will call me next Monday about taking the test on Tuesday.

So , I went home , and picked out a couple of jobs I'd really like. Here they are...

94F - Computer/Detection Systems Repairer

15W - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator

25FF - - Network Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer

By the time of the test , I'll have at least 5 jobs picked out. So I guess this is where the questions come in.

1. How good did I do on my practice? I know it's only the 4 main subjects , but is that a decent score , should I score higher than 50 ?
2. Those 3 jobs require , 105 in aptitude area EL and/or 105 in aptitude area SC , are those line scores hard to come by?
3. Any other jobs I'm missing ? You see what I'm interested in , any other suggestions ?
4. On the 94F I see under requirements (Successful completion of one year of high school algebra and general science) now , I finished my GED and the Math portion did have algebra on it. Does that count at all or will I not qualify for that job ?

Well , it seems those are the only questions I really have right now , I got a ASVAB for Dummies app on my Iphone I've been looking over , it seems like it will help a little. Sorry about the long story , I just wanted to make sure you knew where I was at right now.

Hoping to see some replies soon!
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For the math requirement for 94F, I wouldn't worry about it. They didn't ask me about any math. The first portion of AIT will be very math heavy should you decide to go 94F, but once you are done with the Basic Electronics portion, you'll really never use that stuff again. Should you ever need it, there are multiple electronics calculators that you can use.

Understand that a lot of the line scores will have questions from sections that are not on that practice test. For EL, I'd just recommend learning basic stuff (how to read a resistor, what a capacitor does, what are capacitance, resistance, inductance, etc...). Those line scores are very easily achievable, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I am not too sure if the GT score works the same as in 1970 but it supposedly is similar to an IQ score and indicates your ability to learn. 120 was required to be an officer in the 70's. I scored a 141 and was offered 4 years of college. Too bad I was joining enlisted to get away from college. Terrible study habits. Realize now military would probably have forced me to learn how to learn. :-)
Let's just say that you qualify for the jobs that you are interested in. This does does not mean a vacancy will exist. Vacancies change hour by hour. As a Recruiter, we can't sell you a job. When it comes time for you to select your job, you can choose to pick what the Army has considering you qualify.

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