i reenlisted back in october for option 3 reclass from 91F to 68w. I was told when i reenlisted that if i got promotable that i would automatically drop off of ATTRS and would lose my school date for AIT. Well i found out on monday that i'm on the list that came down for automatic promotion(command integrated). The problem is that if they circle yes then i am promotable and lose my school date. But if they circle no then according to the regulation I have to be barred and flagged and i lose my school date anyway. There has got to be a work around for this i just don't know what it is and neither does my leadership. ANYONE THAT CAN HELP PLEASE DO. I am really stressing out about this, my carrear as a medic may be over before it can even begin.
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Originally posted by spcthompson:
i was told that if they circle no then according to the regulation they HAVE to bar and flag me.

Sorry, I re-read that part again. And your retention NCO? I would start moving up the chain. Your 1SG should be able to discuss this with the CSM and find out what they could do.

But I have seen people who have re-enlisted not get what they signed up for and that is stated in your re-enlistment documents.

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