I need help on sexual harrassment case.

I need help on this sexual harrassment case on a MP company. This girl was in a room with a lot of guys this SGt was showing a video of him having sex with females and she felt unconfortable but she didnt say anything that day next day this Sgt smoked her for no having some paper she supposed to have for hours and told her when he was smoking her to spread her legs instead of her feet and took her inside a empty room with noone as a battle buddy just them two and started yelling at her and kept smoking the hell out of her. She later came to me telling me she felt threaten by him. Also he called her stupid and words that degrading her. So what can she do to to report this Sgt for his actions and what punishment can this Sgt would have. Help me out with answers.
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i am an EOL and i can tell you that she should go report this NCO immediately to her EOL and COC. Those actions were not right and created a hostile work enviroment. she has two option she can do an informal or formal report. that is between her and the EO which one she chooses. but i would strongly recommend that she speaks with the EO ASAP.
This is a personal opinion... so take it as you will... If she doesn't report, then you as a Soldier and a friend have an obligation to report it to someone yourself. It doesn't matter who... go see your CO, 1SG, Plt SGT, Chaplain, JAG, EO, IG... someone, anyone- of course EO would be the optimal place to report it since all the other places I listed will just call them...

As for what he can get... depends on the case... anything between the range of nothing and a full blown court-martial...
The SGT telling her to spread her legs while being smoked is not automatically sexual harassment. If he told a male Soldier that I really doubt it would be an issue. Do not try to get people to think about things in a way that it not based on facts.

With that being said, him showing the pornographic video of himself is a horse of a different color. Behavior like that will not be tolerated in the Army and should be reported.

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