I've chosen a unit thats getting ready to deploy... Questions!!

Well, my first choice came to be the 92Y, and I've chosen an engineering unit rather than a mechanical one. Few questions.... before I sign..
Whats the difference between the two unit types?? My recruiter explained it a little bit...
Also, this unit is getting ready to deploy...im their ''extra'' I guess. Im not starting basic training until after january...then ait right after that...so, chances are i'll miss this deployment with them right? Or how does this work...how long does it take units to get ready to deploy? Im thinking I'll miss this one, because i've got basic plus training to do before im deployable. Or at least thats the way my recruiter put it.
But...when I come back from training...will I do drills with a different unit because mine is currently deployed? Or how will that work?
It seems funny being accepted for a unit thats getting ready to deploy.
Someone please explain.
Appreciate it.

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For the units:
Engineers are classified as "Mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability". This means they get in your way, get things out of your way, and/or put things in front of you to stop bullets.

Mechanical I'm not sure about. If you mean mechanized, this typically means heavier tracked vehicles ('motorized' means wheels; 'light' is walking). Note that an engineer unit may be mechanized.

If you mean a maintenance unit, they mostly fix vehicles (although there are other possibilities).

As a 92Y, this should only affect types of supplies used, and the field conditions you will be exposed to. The job itself should not vary all that much.

If you graduate after they deploy, you probably will find yourself in the rear detachment. That means you would be training, supporting the unit, and/or maintaining the facility and equipment they didn't take with them.
If they are just ramping up for deployment, depending on the unit, it could be a few months before they go.

I don't know how long 92Y school is, but it's possible you could come back just in time for the deployment, or just miss it and be sent over on a "trail party".

Trail party is the term used to refer to the second (and subsequent) group(s) of soldiers after the main body has deployed, who missed the initial deployment for whatever reason. Your unit may not be sending any trail parties. It depends on the mission, the force structure, and manning requirements downrange. It also depends on the whims of the commander, to an extent.

So, it could go either way. Good luck!

You probably won't be doing any drills with other units, if you are in rear detachment, you'll be drilling with them.

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