I want to be 11B!( MOS SWAP, PLEASE READ!)

I want to know how to go about doing the impossible and changing MOS's from 74D to 11B. I know that im probably taking a long shot here but i want to exhaust every resource i have in trying. I joined up july 29th 2011 and signed up for the MOS 74D. I finally got my parents to cosign with me since im still 17, and they were very skeptical on letting me join until my recruiter mentioned 74D. My parents finally gave in and let me join if i agreed upon that MOS, even though i wanted 11B. Now that ive had time to talk with them a little more and convince them that 11B is whats for me they finally will allow me to try and change. Here are my qualifications and details:

Graduating high school May 25, 2012
Made an 89 on my ASVAB
Required no waivers for enlistment
Im army active in the DEP program
I leave June 19th for basics as it stands
Never failed a course in highschool
Completed all online classes required for promotion, and can pass a PT easily.
Passed all medical exams when i went to meps
Passed the airborne medical exam when i went to meps
Will give up my senior enlistment bonus to swap
Only thing against me law-wise is a seat belt ticket that has already been payed.
I will do anything and everything needed to become an infantryman.

Any help is appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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all you have to do is talk to your recruiter about getting a "re-no" on your contract which means you want to renegotiate your contract...once its approved you go back to MEPS and pick 11X...but if its not open then you either stick with 74D or pick something else...do not believe the myth "in order to change jobs you have to give up your contract first then hope 11X is open"...they wont cancel your 74D contract until they see the job you want on the system...
its pretty easy to change your job....if the job is there...I know its hard to belive but 11B may not be availbe to you at this time...This is what you need to do..tell your Future Soldier Leades (recruiter) you want to change your job..he will have you sign a form called a 1035..and he will send it up to MEPS..if you are approved you will have to back to MEPS and do a partal phys and get the job...however due to you depping in on JULY 29th 2012 you may not be able to change your job..you can only be in the DEP for so long..if you are not able to change your MOS ship as a 74D..go to basic and AIT and try to change your job once you are in the army...
Originally posted by Fallenace:
Thats the answer ive been getting unfortunately. From my understanding they are full up on 11b, and are not accepting anymore in my time slot. Couldnt hurt asking though right? thanks for your help.

If all you want is 11X, i hate to say this but, do NOT SHIP!! I would hate to have you in my unit as one of those disgruntled Soldiers we have to deal with every day because they took the only job they got offered and now they hate life...if the only thing you want is 11X, drop from the DEP (tell your recruiter) and wait until closer to the beggining of the fiscal year...
if you really want to be in the army do not drop from the DEP..this is way...in may Battlion and i am sure in others...we can not write DEP loses anymore..our Battlion commander belives commitment means nothing to them..and they must wait 24 months before joining again..so if you do not ship you may not be able to join for two more years....if you are going to be super upset about not getting 11X then dont ship..but dont expect to get back in.
Ask for a reno...you are in a pretty interesting situation as is, you can't be in the Future Soldier program for more than a year, if you reno, they will have to get a ship date leaving before your initial contract date (July 29th). More than likely someone has already dropped out of the FSP and you might be able to pickup their training seat since it goes off categories.

And before someone says something about 14 month extensions, that is for Juniors going into their Senior year.
And stupid advice from cruiser because volunteering for airborne and 75th Ranger Regiment is a lot harder than just saying it.

Actually, it's not. In fact, they're pretty open about their need for volunteers: Join the 75th Ranger Regiment.

The hard part is meeting the standards for initial entry into the 75th Ranger Regt and maintaing those standards while serving there.

OP, I have no idea if you'll be able to change your MOS. However, once you join, you may be given the opportunity to volunteer for schools/units. Just keep your ears/eyes open for any and all opportunities.

Again, good luck

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