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Hello, I am currently an active duty MP and I am looking for a way to see if there is any individual augmentee deployments available to me. My command isn't really helping me because they don't really know either. I have been doing a lot of research online and for the most part it seems that only AGR or soldiers in the guard or reserve have the ability to volunteer for these deployments. Is there nothing like this for active duty? Or do I have to wait for a unit here to go before I can as well? If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated or if anyone can just point me in the general direction of where I need to start looking that would be awesome. Thank you for your time.
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As a former Guardsman who went AD as an MP; I can say that there is very little latitude as an individual augmentee on active duty. Also, the Army is very different than other services when it comes to this. The Air Force sets up a unit downrange and then have Airmen from all over the world fill those positions on rotations. The Army deploys as a unit.

What is your rank and duty station?

Your command is not going to be helpful because in reality they do not want to let you go. Probably easier getting an SRT or MPD slot on the same installation.
Thank you for your responses. Chief, I am currently stationed at JBLM and am a SGT. They don't have a SRT anymore at this installation that I am aware of. My section said that I could go if I could find one, the problem is I can't. I don't know if there is a website that I can go to that would show what is available to me like they have in the Air Force. SFC W, I haven't thought of calling branch, wasn't sure they could help me. How do 35F get requests? Is it sent to the unit? Or do people get notified individiually?
Chief, I will have been on site for a year come september 10th.
In the army, I really hope that you don't have to be that high ranked... Although I do know that you have to be a SSG to fill an IA slot in a bct. Was hoping that it wouldn't apply to everyone though.

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