If you could choose all over again!

If you had the option to make a different choice at MEPS, which MOS would you have picked? and why?

I enlisted as a 13D, and originally wanted to become a 25B. If I could have chose a different MOS it would have been 25B.

I enjoyed my time in FA, but I opted to choose a career that could/would provide for me as a civilian.

I miss the camaraderie most!
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15W or 15T for Aviation because of lower promotion point scores, more duty stations (than current MOS 15U). Which can be a good or bad thing.

88K for transportation, because watercraft operator can only go 2 duty stations besides deployment/humanitarian missions Active Duty side. Which means I would have an easier time of buying a house and actually living in it. Sea pay, and field time = sailing down to the caribbean.

Medical, 68V what I am currently going through or 68K because you get paid for earning an associates, low field time, excellent civilian transfer, hours are not as bad as Aviation.

35G for MI, because you can actually do exciting things in this MOS if you have the proper caveats.

Career Counselor, because you can help troops (if qualified) without the pressure cooker of monthly missions like in Recruiting.
I've made perfect choices I think. I enjoyed my time in combat arms (I enlisted as a 13M), but to actually have a good job and go places after your Army career intel was a great choice for me. I love learning languages, I love MI, but I still get part of the tactical that I miss from artillery being a 35M.

I don't think I'd do it differently at all.
I had my fun as a 13B. Still miss it to a certain extent. 42A is killing me though but it has offered me more opportunities to see the world & meet some interesting people. C/S Corvette on 88K. Tried so hard to get that MOS before I reclassed. Have a friend who does it and I'd trade a stripe or two to be in his place.
i orginally signed up for small arms repair, but then i opted to take 25F... worst mistake ever. I've tried to reclass to EOD, but wasn't able to due to deployment. I havent even done my job.. ive been on security convoys in iraq for 2 tours as a 50 cal gunner.. and now im in a 14J slot overseas..

if i had a choice...

UAV Operator
25P in a previous life, 255N now. I can geek out to my heart's content..

Wouldn't trade it for the world. Sure I spent a LOT of time doing non-MOS stuff but that seems to be unavoidable in the Army.
(6 months mailroom PFCIC, years later 6 months orderly room NCOIC, 6 more escorting uncleared construction workers around classified areas, not to mention countless hours of guard duty after 9/11..)

I told the PVTs when I was teaching AIT- if you don't want to be the "go to grass-cutting guy" you need to learn your job well and show motivation in doing it. Then the PSG or SQL will pick someone else, you're too valuable to be doing stuff like that..
Originally posted by Temporary username:
25F...the new universal soldier. I just reclassed in 09. Got tired of being "hey we need a guy" guy. I met some cool foxes tho, when we actually did fox work. Bravo now, and wishing I opted for psyops now. It was a coin flip.

Ha, no you don't. If I could go back, I never would have joined the Guard. I would have just gone RA from the get go. I wanted to reclass to 11B when I went active, my MOS was a critical shortage and MEPS told me I couldn't change. Oh well.
ok this will blow your mind as far as changing jobs if i had it to do all over my answer is never each field has a civilian translation such as my 11c if given the opportunity to do correspondence courses you are eligible to recieve engineering degrees and also a ba in surveying and at $134.00/hr i think it is a good choice but the education is up to the individual not many of the military jobs cross over to civilian life except maybe the aviation,communications,medical,maintenance,military police there are certain jobs such as military inteligence that directly convert and open a whole new world to their field such as job availability within the us govt (ie:cia fbi dept of homeland security)
I miss my 31B time and wanted to continue my federal law enforcement career like I did with the border patrol; so CID was going to be my ultimate goal but it was not in the cards.

I been working with computers since 1983 and that skill has afforded me an excellent career in Signal.
Originally posted by SFC W:
I chose 96B (35F) and would have chosen 97E (linguist) instead. I wish I would have gotten a language.

97E (now 35M) is interrogator, an MOS that can have a language trailer, but it's not what is generally known as the "linguist MOS". You may be thinking of 98G (now 35P), which is a language-dependent MOS, meaning Soldiers must have a passing DLPT score in order to hold the MOS. I just wanted to clear that up.
My whole enlistment process was an insane one... On the outside before the Army, I was apprenticing an electrician. Naturally, I wanted to continue with that so I wanted to become a 21R (now 12R I believe, "Interior Electrician").

Well, 21R wasn't available. Station commander said 91D (generator mechanic) was pretty much the same thing and I had a reservation. When it came time to sign up, 91D was no longer available. So, on a whim, I chose 89D (EOD).

Failed out of EOD (very ashamed to admit) and I got reclassed to 91C. It's what I know now and I'm proud of the trade, even if it's not done very much anymore in the Army.

Back to the question... I'd probably go a different 91 series. 91E most likely (Allied Trades... basically a machinist). Once you are in a certain CMF it just becomes home. I couldn't imagine myself in any other field except for Maintenance.
Originally posted by KingofMinot:
88K Watercraft Operator. I can't belive I passed that job up. I would be riding on a boat somewhere in Hawaii, Virginia or Japan.

Same here. Had I known about 88K back in 2007, I would have jumped on that.

HOWEVER, if I had done that, chances are I wouldn't have two deployments under my belt, nor would I have my shiny Aviation Wings on my chest. (Yes, I AM proud of my Aviation training)

I would have held out for 35M (my recruiter pulled a fast one on me, and didn't tell me it wasn't open until I got up to MEPS). Though at the same time, artillery has been good to me. The army is what you make it, I'd say what matters more than your MOS is how you approach it.

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