In need of good advice very badly!

I am a Specialist deployed in Kuwait. My wife and our 3 children are in Ft. Carson, CO. She has a ganglion cyst in her wrist that's been their for months. Over the past couple of months it has gotten so bad that she needs both vicodin and tramadol to deal with the pain.

My kids are 6, 5 and 1. the youngest still in diapers. My wife needs to be able to wash dishes and vacuum, mop and just general household stuff. As well as drive the kids to school and to the grocery store and what not, which she should not be doing while on her medication, but if she doesn't take the pills the pain is to much.

Her doctor's appointment was today to set up the surgery, which won't be at least for another 6 weeks. The doctor will not send out a red cross message until 3 days before the operation, but as it is even right now she can't really take care of our kids.

I talked to my first line supervisor, a SFC about a week ago, and she agreed with us that we should send out the red cross message when we find out about the surgery. I plan on talking to her and anyone else who might be able to help tomorrow.

With no red cross message will my wife be left alone to take care of my 3 kids with a torn up wrist while i am on a "paid vacation"?

If you have read this, thank you. If you have any idea's even if you think they are bad ones, please post below.
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No family,(it's to complicated) and she would never ask her friends for the amount of help she needs, she doesn't know them well enough yet. (were new to the area, and she's stubborn/tough)I may end up having to ask her friends for her.

Getting released early would be the most favorable option, considering if I went home now I wouldn't make it back until the end our deployment.

Thank you for your advice!

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