Ineligible for SFC Board for no ALC due to command.

I need some advice. I have been in Korea since 10Nov2008. I was promoted to SSG on 20090101, I attended common core BNCOC here in Korea February 2009 (Distance Learning Sergeant Major's Academy). Ever since I have been asking and begging to attend ALC. I was told they would not pay for it, I can't go, yadda yadda. I came to Korea command sponsored so it was a two year tour right off the bat, which to me says they should have sent me to ALC, it's not like I am doing 1 year tour with no continuity.

To get to the point, I will be passed over for my first look in January because the board requires ALC to even be looked at. I am terribly pissed and upset because I have been working towards my first look since I was promoted to SGT. I feel I am being stripped of my chance because of my commands dissinterest and lack of concern for my career progression. I need to know if I should go to I.G.? I was told by a SFC who is a previous branch manager, and his advice was to go to I.G. He said getting I.G. involved and uncovering the fact that they refused to send me will help me to get a waiver to be considered. But, at the same time I will draw much unwanted negative attention.

Is it worth the fight for MY career? Or am I supposed to lie down and wait "better luck next year"?
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I'm so tired of this Army wasting the schools on piss poor Soldiers who don't want it and throwing the Soldiers who want to be here to the wayside.

It's just like deployment, I have been trying to deploy for 7 years, yet they don't send me and they send my battles 2 or 3 times, WTF?!?!?! Are we ever going to get this sh!t right, equal, and fair?
What means have you taken so far to request the school? Do you have documentation of the rejection? Have you employed the open door policy?

If you've already talked to your BN SGM about it, I.G. is probably the next step. Just make sure you do your part before looking outside the chain.
I am in Korea and I am also command sponsored. I went to ALC while here. Your Unit does not pay for NCOES Schools. It used to be that way but now the MTSS (Military Training Service Support) pays everything. So that is a thing of the past. Your best bet is to try and get ALC enroute to your next duty assignment.

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