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To fast forward I've got 9 years TIS and I'm an e4. No article 15s just could never make points. My ets is in a few months and just a couple months away with terminal leave. I've already talked with a guard recruiter and I know I do have to join but now I'm just trying to find out where to go to find out about the rcp money. Any ideas??
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New reg on involuntary separation pay

As more soldiers are told the leave, the Army has tried to simplify its guidance for receiving involuntary separation pay.

Laws, directives and policies governing special pays for soldiers who are getting the boot have been consolidated in an entirely new regulation, AR 637-2.

The regulation, Separation Pay (Nondisability) and Levels of Payment, was published April 21, and will take effect May 21.

It applies to Regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve officers and enlisted soldiers who are on active duty or active service.

Until now there has not been a regulation focused specifically on the federal law (Title 10 USC, 1174) and Defense Department policies (DODI 133.2.29) governing involuntary separation pay.

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