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Ok, to start this off I would like to say thank you all for any response I recieve on this site. I do have a few questions and would appreciate if they were from experience or recruiters.

So I will be arriving at my station before I go to school considering I am OCONUS, what will I be doing while I wait for school other than finding a house?

I have been trying to contact someone in regards to my assignment but have no help from any of the contacts off of the RTR website. Is there any other approach?

What does a normal week look like at the average station or a station you are at NOW, not a few years ago? (In my observations, things have seemed to have changed)

How will the dental and medical play out if I am no where near a base?

A little off topic.... My wife is German and will be stuck in Germany until after my school because of this VISA BS, will they be able to fly her and my son at the armys cost after school?

To be honest all information thats current and up-to-date would be much appreciated if I did not ask it on here. Just seems that a lot of the material on here is out dated.

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Your medical and dental will be as follows if not near a Military installation:

You will have to see a Tricare provider that usually are the same ones that see section 8, welfare, and other gov. freebie patients.

I was stationed in NYC and this is something that has not changed. So, if you have ever thought that a Military treatment facility was substandard, you are about to see how crumby things can be healthcare wise, unless you get lucky. It is why I always stress to be near ANY Military installation, so you and your family can use their resources.
aahh nyc recruiting(79-82) Fordham rd, bx, lived at ft hamiliton. man, those strip bars in red hook, bklyn, under the gowanus expy were really great. boy was I glad to get the h out of recruiting. was da select and would never, ever advise anyone to volunteer for recruiting.
You will not have a normal week while you are in Recruiting. Every center is different based on its mission and surroundings.

At my Recruiting Center we would do PT on our own. Show up to work around 9 depending on what everyone had going on. From that point the Engagement team members usually went out to the school while the rest of the team stayed back working on paperwork and making phone calls.

Where you are going and the time you have to be there obviously changes every day. In most cases you have the freedom to create your own schedule and decide what you will do all day. Unless you are screwing off or actually trying and just being unsuccesful. Then you may find yourself with hourly guidance.

As far as your assignment goes, if you have already recieved your orders they should say which Recruiting Company you are assigned to.

Have you only recieved the assignment notification but not your orders?
Well more than likely I will get Milwaukee or Great Lakes, I keep on bugging and it seems to get things done my way. Just got a hold of them last night and sent me my options. If not my top twenty choices were all north. They are backed up right now but I am suppose to be pushed to the front and should know next week hopefully. Well Medical should not be bad if I get Milwaukee or Great lakes (have plenty of family who work in medical). From what I hear most places follow the team concept throughout the force, so definently seems better than being a loner. I will be successful so no worries on that and hopefully I am not in the office all day doing paper work, seems boring. So can anyone answer the questions regarding what I will be doing before I report to recruiting school since I will go to station first and if I can fly my family in a few months after I arrive without having to pay air fare?

I appreciate the help and any other comments or info would be great.

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