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I am an Infantry Officer and currently assigned to a special troops bn. I am the only 11 series in the whole bn. I am currently the support plt PL, not the job i wanted. The special troops bn is also short on junior officers. As it is a privilege to lead, I have always wanted to lead a plt of Infantry. Currently there is a PL vacancy for the BDE CO Personal Security Detachment, I have yet to broach the subject with my Co CO and Bn CO. As I do not wish to burn bridges if denied. Does any senior officer with experience have any advice for me as to how to approach this topic of transfer.

Thanks for any advice
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Sir, you're posting on the Army Study Guide forum, created mostly for those studying for enlisted boards. Wink

The only way to know if you could get the job is asking- you could hint at your Co Cmdr you want a PL job and ask if he knows of any open. Totally depends on your relationship with him and other Officers of the unit.

I can tell you that so long as you are doing an excellent job, the effort will be made to get you a rifle platoon.
There are so many unknowns here, such as your history for instance, but I really don't need that information. You should know that you have about 4 years as an LT, which is more than enough time to get that position. Just make the most of it when you get the opportunity.

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