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So I have been doing research for over a year and the US Navy was it for me. That is until I realized that I can't go Airborne. The US Army is for me up and down and I cannot wait to enlist. I have a good relationship with my recruiter but I feel sometimes he is limited on what he can tell me. Basically I want to be airborne and I want to live or be based in Hawaii. Is that possible? Also I am very interested in becoming an Army Ranger but would like to get more info. No bs. Straight up. Pros and Cons. I also would like to know if by being a MP as a MOS will i still be able to airborne.
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WHY do you want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?? Smiler

Yes you can go Airborne with MP as your MOS.
Yes you can go to Hawaii.

I would push to ask for both of those in your enlistment contract. Otherwise you will probably have a chance to signup for airborne when you get to Basic Training.

So of the two, make sure Hawaii is in your contract. You can always go airborne later in your career.

BTW Airborne is just jumping out of the plane. You don't pull a ripcord, you jump 5 times at school then a couple times a year to stay "proficient".

Many many Soldiers I know who have injured backs and legs did so during airborne operations (training or other jumping). To me it's just not worth having lifelong injuries, but whatever.

Follow instructions carefully to minimize the risk!!!!! Wink
Thank you so much for your response and advice. I want to jump out of a plane cause I like the thrill. I would like my MOS to have a thrill as well as I serve our great country and that is when Army Ranger was introduced to me. Still trying to get more info on that. Also if I put in my enlistment contract that I want to live in Hawaii when will I go there? After BCT? and how long will I live there for? I understand deployments but..
25th Infantry Division is based in Hawaii so it's not very hard to get an assignment there but like auto said, try to get it in your contract. If you're looking for excitement and you want to go airborne, with the possibility of ranger, I recommend 11B. I can't speak from experience but that seems like what you're looking for.
Originally posted by AutobahnSHO:

Many many Soldiers I know who have injured backs and legs did so during airborne operations (training or other jumping). To me it's just not worth having lifelong injuries, but whatever.

Please take note of AutobahnSHO's advice. If you choose to go Airborne/Ranger you will quickly find out that other soldiers, such as AutobahnSHO, are just in it for a paycheck and not selfless service.

As for choice of MOS I would stick to an MOS that is in Ranger Regiment.

Even if you dont go to Regiment your chances of getting to Ranger School increase if you are in a duty position, within another unit, such as the 25th ID in Hawaii, that is designated as "V" (meaning that they want/need someone that is Airborne/Ranger qualified).

Sua Sponte is the motto of Ranger Regiment. From Latin it means "of his own accord"

Good Luck
The only airborne unit in Hawaii is SOCPAC headquarters. I can say with a great degree of certainty that you won't be going there.

If you get airborne in your contract, EXPECT to go to an airborne unit, and EXPECT to be sent to Fort Bragg. There is a slim chance you could go somewhere else depending on your MOS and what day of the week it is, but like I said, slim.

Ranger Regiment. If you want to be a Ranger, you need to get a RASP contract. Google RASP, Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. This is a selection program to assess candidates into the 75th Ranger Regiment. It's a good place to be if you are the right person and can hack it. A lot of guys don't make it through their first enlistment without getting kicked out though, even if they make it RASP. Even more don't make it through.

MPs can be airborne, but as far as I know, they are all stationed at Bragg. You can go somewhere else later, but you won't be on jump status.

Don't be an MP, everyone hates MPs and the hours suck. Why subject yourself to that?
Thank you again guys for your help and advice. This is a big comittment for me and I just want to know. @jgh4415 thank you for that list cause my recruiter and I had a list of MOS too but now i can compare the two to see what ones will lead me to having the honor of being a Ranger. @erikwithak86 thanks for finalizing my thoughts on becoming a MP. I want to help our country not having people hate me.

One other question I do have that my recruiter wasnt clear about is if I do Airborne Ranger will I still be able to pursue a education degree??
Every soldier, regardless of MOS, is not only allowed to pursue college credit (CLEP, on-line, actual physical classroom, college credit for military schooling, etc) but it is encouraged.

One other thing to consider when choosing an MOS is level of Security Clearance. Having one is very valuable and opens up the possibility for better assignments.
As a current Recuriter I can tell you. The chances of you Getting Airborne and MP in your contract wont happen...I have not seen that in 2 years..there are lots of jobs that will let you go Airborne but MP is not one of them...So 2 options...go MP and go Airborne later in your career...or go Airborne Infantry...that is the fastest MOS to go to ranger school

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