Interested in reclassing to 21U, what is this MOS like?

I am currently an 11B, who is sick of it, I was a 51 now 21T in the reserves. I have been offered 21U in my re-enlistment contract, but dont really know much about it. So any info would help. Main questions:

Do you deploy often, or at all.(Ive been to Iraq twice in the past 3 years)

What do they do exactly, and do they actually do their jobs?

Where can you be stationed.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.
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Here's the book answer:

a. Major duties. The topographic analyst supervises and/or performs cartographic and terrain analysis duties; collects and processes military geographic information from remote sensed imagery, digital data, intelligence data, existing topographic products and other collateral data sources; edits cartographic and terrain analysis products; advises command and staff officers on topographic operations and special map product planning. Duties for MOS 21U at each level of skill are:
(1) MOSC 21U1O. Extracts terrain data from remote sensed imagery, field reconnaissance, digital data, existing topographic products and other collateral data sources. Records analysis results addition to a military graphic data base. Draws, scribes, digitizes and scans cultural, topographic, hydrographic, and/or other features on overlay/scribing surfaces or in digital formats. Utilizes basic drafting techniques to tailor terrain products and revises planimetric and topographic maps. Perform digital manipulation of topographic information by querying, viewing, evaluating and downloading digital data.
(2) MOSC 21U2O. Performs duties in the preceding skill level, supervises lower grade soldiers and provides technical guidance to the soldiers in accomplishment of their duties. Analyze collected military geographic information to produce tactical decision aids. Predict terrain and weather effects as applied to command, control, communication, computer, and intelligence systems. Perform data base management for the storage of aerial photographs, maps, digital data bases, and collateral source materials. Perform quality assurance during all stages of topographic operations.
(3) MOSC 21U3O. Performs duties of preceding skill level, supervises lower grade soldiers and provides technical guidance to soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties. Supervise topographic analysts at division, Corps and EAC topographic units to include maintenance of assigned equipment. Evaluate source materials for military geographic information analysis. Supervise quality assurance during all stages of topographic operations. Ensures required administrative, intelligence, source data, and reference files are maintained. Advises command and staff officers on all aspects of topographic operations and doctrine.
Yes, you will deploy. You will probably stay behind the wire, however (except for the odd convoy and guard detail). Time spent in garrison there will not be much to do, you will serve as support for training operations (mapping training areas, route recon maps, printing excell spreadsheets on your plotters [big printers]) and spending most of your time preparing for the next deployment (procuring map data, imagery, etc. of your next AO). You don't make TLM/CADRG data (like the kind of maps with contour lines and such), those are made by 21S, the surveyors (correct me if I'm wrong). You will however, take TLM data and make it into a finished map product, same with satellite imagery.

When I left the schoolhouse 5 months ago, you could be stationed at Drum, Korea, Bragg, Campbell, Lewis, Germany, Italy, Hood, Hawaii, and a couple others. Wherever there is a topo slot. There are only about 1,200 of us, and it's a great job, I love it, personally. Out of the army with a 4 year degree in Computer Science or Geography, the civilian job opportunities will offer between 80k and 120k a year + benefits. The major civilian employers work as government contractors, Northrup Grumman, et. al.

Do a search of Geospatial Analyst (in the D.C. area) and you'll see what I mean.

Any questions feel free to email me at
Does anyone know if this job is available through the ACASP program? (where civilian ed counts for AIT entirely or at least a fraction?) I have a BS with GIS, Cart, and Remote Sensing work, not counting job experience so I am really hoping. I have an old copy of 601-210 and it states 81C as ACASP, but not 81T (then the 21U if i remember right).
I have some experience with map reading and creating maps, etc. and I am interested in learning more about the 21U MOS.

I live in Washington state and I would most likely be stationed at Ft. Lewis. Is there any possible way that I could get in contact with a NG member who is stationed out of Ft. Lewis and is a 21U? I would like to talk to them about what the 21Us in Washington are doing (in relation to over seas deployment, etc) learn more about what the MOS entails.

Is there anyone out there knows of a way to contact a 21U stationed in Ft. Lewis or the contact info for someone who might know how to do so? I have spoken to my local recruiter and he is not sure how to accomplish this.


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