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Technology has made huge impact at every level of life whether standard of living, way of doing daily things or education in the form of online education. I feel that it should also be incorporated in army, its not that its not but i feel the roel of technology should be enhanced.

With things like Spam , there are many ways to come up with more stuff for army related things.
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if you have been paying attention, you would know that technology is being incorporated in to the army.. it just takes time because of Security.

just think, you have stupid PV2 that you just issued a smart phone to.. they "Think" it is thiers now, and is basically a regular phone.
they start posting crap on FB, Twitter, and everything else.. opps, left it at a bar last night Sarge.. no big deal, ill get another from supply...

thats even if it gets reported in a timely manner.. what if the phone falls into hands of someone who knows what they are doing.. maybe some idiot who thinks all information is free, and decides to decrypt all the info on the phone and post it online?

so you see how things are just a little complicated, and how your thoughts on smart devices for education doesnt mean a damn thing right now to the Military? give it a few years for everything to stabilize... then maybe they might do something with education

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