iPERMS not accessable W/O Cac? Not true!

OK! So iPERMS is unaccessible without you CaC Card reader which most soldiers dont have at home...

Not true, Today i learned an easier way to access your iPERMS records without going through iPERMS, just go to AKO >MY TRAINING > under the PROFESSION DEVELOPMENT put your MOS >At the Bottom of the page click on >MY RECORDS PORTAL > then click on GUARD RECORDS or what ever AR service branch you are. Then click DOCUMENTS under GUARD RECORD located in the TOP/LEFT corner.

There you go, now your looking at all records in your iPERMS.

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The site is iPerms, your OMPF is what you're accessing. I just checked the manual way and the following was posted on the screen:

NOTICE: AKO Username/Password authentication for iPERMS is disabled. CAC login is now required for access.

Guess it's time to go out and buy some CAC readers if you don't already have one.
Ok, found another way to access your records without a CAC reader...

Go to hrc.army.mil

Click "Continue" on the certificate warning.

Click on the link under "My Records" that says, "Access the My Record Portal for personalized career information."

It will prompt you for authentication -- Log in with your AKO username and password.

Then, click on "Guard Record", "Reserve Record", or "Tools", as applicable.

You can view your IPERMed documents here. It appears to update in realtime as I just had an email notification that a couple of documents were processed in IPERMS today and they're already visible via the above method. (Promotion orders, btw...Smiler )
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