is 68W really that bad?

im looking at joining the army here pretty soon. im prior service (navy) i had my fun floating wanted to do something different. but im having trouble with the MOS. i really dont want to join to be picking up trash for 4 years. as it stands now im a union commercial electrician but there is zero work.

here is what i have been offered 13D,13F,14S,21C,21D,21L,21U,25N,27D,31E,35H,35P,35N,68W,91A,94S

My ASVAD is high enough for any of those listed how ever i dont qualify for any 35s because of my credit ill never get the required clearance. i really dont want to sit behind a desk. so i was looking at 68W.

i have seen some very mixed reviews on 68W ranging anywhere from i hate it just want to get out all the way to best job ever. does anyone have any insight on 68w or if you think one of the others would be better please let me know.
thanks in advance
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don't pass up the 35 series just because of the credit issue. I know plenty in my series that got the clearence because it was going to give them a steady job that would be able to "help" with the credit. It is a good series and you can still get out there and do stuff that isn't desk work.
I've seen it where people have shotty credit and are still in this series. I'm a 35P, can't even get a star card through AAFES. I know some 35N at my unit who have bad credit, even DWIs and still have their Clearence. It is worth a shot it is a good series, long training, but a lot of fun if you get something really good for a language. (If you go 35P that is or 35N w/ a language)
Check it out. I do route clearance for 12 hour missions a day, going 5 mph looking for IEDs all day. Either they find us or we find them. When I am not deployed I am picking up trash or spring/fall clean up, or tasked out for details that we dont wanna do. Get used to it man. If your not deployed or training you might have to help out with some chores haha

If picking up trash is your only objection then your good. I am sure you have been through way more difficult times then picking up trash.

As for a Top Secret clearance, your MOS determines if they will even give you one and it has to co incide with your position. You dont just apply and they give you one for no reason. You will get an interm while they are investigating you and then if your clear a follow along Secret. But all that clearance stuff doesnt make a difference now. Figure out what YOU wanna do then get the details
i understand that there is BS work to be done but at this point in my life i just really dont want to be picking up butts all day. i did enough of that with my 4 years navy.

my concern for clearance was based off the 35H,N/P two require top secret while the other requires secret. i have heard those MOSs are always open to prior service because of requirements.
If they offered an MOS that "picked up butts" all day on the ground i sure as hell would be doing that. I wouldnt have to deal with people when i dont want to or worry about anything.

Your taking a small part of a huge picture and over analizing it man i promise you.

Have you went down to a recruiter station? If you havent then your wasting your time cause we can tell you our opinions all day and give you the facts on what your job really does but they are the only ones who can tell you the requirments.

You can get any job you want. Maybe they say your credit is to shotty right now and you cant do a certain MOS. So pick one that is similar and while your in you will have a whole bunch of resources to help kick your credit back into shape and will give you a chance to reclass to that certain MOS upon either reenlistment or submitting a request.
Well, lets pick one

21C could be a good one for you, its pretty low impact and they have a ton of women in this MOS. They build bridges basically, float bridges. Your prior Navy so your around water a good amount of the time. Sometimes you will get attached to units (deployed) and be the only 21C there so you will be the go to guy
Since nobody gave you any info on 68W, I'll try to give you some insight on the MOS.

As a 68W, you want to be a line medic. That basically means you are assigned to a battalion aid station and will be assigned to an infantry platoon. You'll train with the infantry and when you deploy you're basically a trigger puller until somebody gets hurt. It's the best job in the Army hands down.

Now if you are assigned to a hospital or a clinic, get ready for days filled with BS, arrogant doctors, and more whining and complaining than you will ever hear in a lifetime. It's the pits, medical centers are prime examples of the "dog and pony show" and proaction falls a distant 2nd to reaction i.e. wait until something that could be prevented happens and then we'll do some half ass training to show the big brass on MEDCOM hill we're doing something about it. In a hospital perception is reality, if it looks good it is good, no matter if it makes no sense or if the aforementioned goodness is a falicy or not. In hospital land, there is almost no espirit de corps, NCO's readily and willingly throw each other under the bus, officers rule with an iron fist and civilians have a union that protects them from almost any adverse action regardless of the infraction, short of homicide.

You can obviously tell I am biased in my description, however I think most 68W will agree with me. I unfortunatley thought being in the field was the pits and unknowingly picked up and additional skill identifier that promises to keep me in a hospital until I EST, retire, reclass or attend OCS; I kick myself everyday.

If you want to know more just PM me or post it on this thread.
I wouldn't worry about bad credit or even no credit keeping you from getting a clearance. All you have to do is fill out all of the security questionaire, including details about who you owe and whether you are in default, collections or have judgements against you. As long as you are truthful about everything, and there is a lot of detail they ask for, it should at least be enough for an interim clearance which is good enough for training. Like some other people have mentioned, there are a lot of people in security positions that have bad credit and worse and it hasn't affected their clearance. Usualy it doesn't even affect your award of initial clearance.
After being in a BSB for almost 6 years my experience is really based on working with medics all the time. The majority of the medics really enjoy their job when they get to do their job. Different units require a different mission and we are all Soldiers first. If you enjoy the medical field then the job in the long run can pay off especially if you choose to advance your career by taking an ASI. They offer nursing and ear,nose, & throat specialists and even physical therapy. Everything happens for a reason but the majority of the medics I have worked with over the years enjoy their jobs, when their units allow them to work them.
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