Is anyone else having problems with ASK & ERB on AKO?

Yeah thats what I am getting, like my internet is down. ERB is doing the same thing. Wow when so much relies on the net anymore you would think they would if nothing else send a message on AKO homepage that they know there is a problem and that they are working to correct it. Thanks!
This is an old post but I'm bringing it back because I am having this issue on my home computer. For both ERB and ASK I get the screen that makes it seem like my internet is not connected. I run the "trouble shoot" and it says there is an issue with the sites. But I can access both from GOVT computers.

If one of you computer literate folks could help me out I would appreciate it.

There might be something wrong with your security settings. I know if I have to acess my AKO from the house, I have to go in and change my security settings. Lets see if I can do this while replying:
Internet Options
Scroll down to Security (should be the last 1/4 of the page.
Want to click Use TLS 1.0

That should fix the problem.
Thanks for the info but that wasnt it. I have all the SSLs and TLSs selected and this problem just arose this week. I dont think I changed anything on my computer that would cause this to happen. If anyone else has any ideas feel free. Its about time for me to come down on orders so you know Im checking ASK and ERB like a fiend so when I cant see it from home its annoying. lol


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