Is It Possible To ADSO My Way To Germany?

Hi Guys,

I'll be commissioning from ROTC in 2016 and contracting shortly with ROTC for post graduate 2 year studies. I already have PMP(project manager professional certification) and a potential plus for the Army might be that I am multilingual, Spanish,English and Italian -> 65% fluency in Italian. Planning to start German June 1st.

However, the most important question as I continue to meet my goals and diffiduclt would it be to land a 2nd lieutenant assignment in Germany, Brussels or Italy?
My main interests are Transportation, Quartermaster or Finance (as master degree would be in project management and dual degree in finance) but won't mind engineering or any combat specific branch.

If I want to increase my chances of getting a Brussels or Germany post of choice, what would you do?

Stats so far..
-4.0 GPA MBA beginnings
- ROTC likely ADSO to Germany, Brussels (3 year duty extension)
- PMP - professional management certification (might be helpful for more complex duty assigments)
- Possibility of 86-93 points in OML which statistically could end up being a top 15% cadet result
- Will end up with a masters in project management minimum with intentions of the additional 5 classes to have dual degree in finance

Would appreciate your input..

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