Is LRP/SLRP/CLRP Late Entry Possibile?

The main question in this discussion is whether or not after entering into active duty it is possible to apply and obtain the Loan Repayment Program.

After graduating and Commissioning, I went to LDAC as a 2LT and a few of my peers started talking about this program that allowed them to ADSO a year up to three to payback all of their student loans. I was completely shocked that this program was never brought up to me after I was given an active duty slot, especially since my PMS knew I was in a lot of debt due to entering ROTC during my senior year of college.

After doing a ton of research for the past month and a half, I still haven't been able to get a strait answer: If you can get into the program after getting into active duty, before BOLC.

I have looked all over the HRC website related to this topic and have found no paper work related to a "late entry" into the program. I called HRC and got a rude associate on the phone that directed me back to my schools HR, who really got me into this predicament in the first place not even discussing this with me. I know that the paperwork on this is topic states that you need it in your enlistment contract, but I wasn't sure if I could possibly debate this fact due to the negligence of my CoC. I did get in contact with someone at Cadet Command, and they said that their might be a possibility for an ARBA; but that process is still lost on me.

My emphasis of this post is to reach out and see if anyone has any personal hands on business with either helping or applying for this program after commissioning from their source. Also, If anyone knows someone at HRC who can give me some actual help and no attitude would be as valuable as the information. Also any information on if an ARBA process can help me out or if I'm barking up an impossible tree, and I just need to take this BOHICA with a smile.

A Concerned 2LT
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Are you sure these individuals weren't in the simultaneous membership program (SMP) ? As a recruiter, we got dozens of individuals the reserve benefits and college loan repayment options while they went through ROTC.

Looks unlikely at this stage of the game after accession, ask for a tax free deployment in your first year, you'll get those loans paid in no time.

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