Is this the correct path?

Greeting everyone. Now be prepared, I'm about to write a small bible.

I'm currently Active Enlisted Component as a 68P. I've been in for almost 5 years now, and while I like what I do, I've come to the realization that it will be extremely difficult to pursue an ACTUAL army career out of it. Points are very high (not an excuse, just an observation). Currently I serve at West Point; I reenlisted to come here so I could focus entirely on my education.

My goal - Following school (currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems), gain acceptance into the Army Warrant Officer Program (either in 255A or 255N preferably).

Line Scores:

GT - 130
ADMIN - 132
CMBT - 129
ELEC - 130
FA - 130
MECH - 120
FOOD - 127
COMMO - 132
MAINT - 128
TECH - 131

Proposed path (spent quite a while on this so I hope it's correct)

1. While serving at West Point, get as much school done as possible - certifications, programming languages etc.

2. MOS change to 25B if possible (I see right now that they are overstrength - maybe that will change in the following years; we'll see)

3. Be the best 25B in the Army (if you're going to do something, be the best at it, right?)

4. Learn, learn, learn - experience is everything in the I.T. Field (my step father is a network administrator, and he swears by that)

5. Submit packet after 4 years of experience - by this time I'll hopefully have more school complete, and maybe I can get lucky and pursue a MCSE etc.)

6. Warrant Officer Board acceptance - work hard, play hard.

Well there it is in a relatively small but detailed nutshell. I love the Army, and I love computers, and I feel that this path would lead to the most success while allowing me to enjoy my passion for computers and computer technology.

Thank you if you read this, I'm just looking for any input at all.
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If that's your view on the army and your career, you'll go far whatever you do. I'm on the field artillery side of the river, but from talking to 25 series in my unit it seems like getting promoted isn't that easy. Again, I'm in a combat MOS so my points for 6 are sitting around 369 for primary zone, and they're picking up everyone they can. So "easy" to me holds a different definition.

I'm looking at warrant too, so I understand the indecision. It's a big choice, and certainly one that shouldn't be taken lightly. My final 2 cents is thus: situation is 90% of every decision in the Army. Being at West Point, I would assume you're in a pretty good situation for advancement. Use it!

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