Issues with ApproveIt

I'm trying to get ApproveIt to work with my Windows 7 Pro laptop.

Say for example, my CAC card is registered with AKO, and when I click on a field on a pdf to enter my signature nothing happens.

I've tried to uninstall/reinstall ApproveIt and still didn't fix the issue.

I have Lotus Forms Viewer 3.5.1 installed too.

Can anyone recommend ways to troubleshoot?

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You generally cannot sign PDFs with ApproveIt. You need the IBM LotusViewer. Those do not open PDFs, but XFDL files, instead.

Your best bet is to check out - they have the most extensive info on CAC card signing issues on the 'net.

Good luck.

You can digitally sign some pdfs.

I don't know the actual requirements, but every time I've done it I had DOD certificates, drivers, approvit, and pureedge or lotus.

Provided you have all this, and you are actually using the Adobe reader, I'm not sure what to tell you. If everything else works (AKO, Lotus, etc.) And just not pdf, it would sound more like an issue with your pdf reader. You could reinstall, upgrade or reconfigure.

As an alternative, LPS may provide an interim solution.

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