Joing the army, and i need some help with special forces

I just turned 17, i took my asvab(dont know the score yet) and i am really pumped about joining. i serously cant wait! i need help with comming up with a workout program to get me in shape for special forces. As of right now i can run 45-50 miles a week. i know ill have to do better than that for special forces but im ok on my running. i cant do any pullups(well havent found a place to try yet) and i basicly looking for a whole body, tough work out to get me up to par.

Any help is appreciated thanks.
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Patience grasshopper, this is a forum, not a chat room. Here are some suggestions from what I know of SF (very little since I've never been there myself)

Practice running in BDUs
Trek over uneven terrain with a load. Start slow and build up speed, terrain difficulty, and weight. If you jump in too fast, you'll injure your ankles and those don't recover very well.
Study all weapons manuals available on AKO
Study manuals on tactics, leadership, and anything else you find interesting.
Read the Book of Five Rings over and over again.
Learn other languages such as Aribic, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, and Serbo-Croation
Daddy Warcrimes is correct about the physical part. Plus the norm of push-ups, running and sit-ups. Also be able to do atleast 5 correct pullups... You don't really need to read all those manuals... of coarse unless your trying to go 18B AKA weapons SGT. All the tactical and weapon information you need to learn will be taught to you in basic/AIT infantry school. More advanced tactics and what nots will be taught during the several phases of SF training... Just be mentally strong...

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