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Hi guys,
I'm going to MEPS this Wednesday and i have few questions. I took my ASVAB last Tuesday and my scores maybe are not the best, but this was my first ASVAB test in my life:

GT 106
ST 117
GM 125
EL 121
CL 113
MM 128
SC 120
CO 123
FA 122
OF 123

Now, i know i have rather slim chances for getting security clearance (chapter 7 bankruptcy on the record) which is closing doors to some MOS which i was really interested, so now I'm thinking about 11B. However everyone is telling me that i must be crazy to go to infantry at age 36 (almost 37). I knew that i have to get back in shape before enlisting so now i'm working out every other day and my 2 mile run time is 16:00, i can do 50 push ups and 60 sit-ups as well. I think i can still improve my running time and maybe add few more push ups to my score, but i'm close to my limits in this department. Because of my full time job (few of my customers are supplying parts to different rifle makers) I can also take M16 apart with my closed eyes and put it back together without any troubles. So one may say i'm very familiar with weapons. I was just wondering how physically difficult infantry OSUT is and is true that "they" don't like "old spice" guys like me - any feedback guys?
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I don't think you're crazy. In fact, it's pretty badass that you are going in at that MOS. Kudos!

When I went to basic, there were older people in or platoon and it was great to have them there. They had life experience and weren't there because they got lost on their way to college. I think you will be OK.

I can't say much for infantry because I am a female, but at MP OSUT, that is how things went.

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