Joining the US army, I have questions.

I'm going to enlist next year after I complete my associates degree in May of 2014. My questions are both physical and medical. I am very nervous and anxious about joining and I figured what better place to ask questions, than on this forum.

Lets begin...

I wear glasses, I'm nearsighted, does this disqualify me from joining?

I'm joining the US Army to become an all around better person and to make better choices in life, is this a valid reason to join?

I want to go Infantryman 11B, will me being nearsighted prevent me from going to infantry school after BCT?

My friend wants to join with me, but he has a small case of Aspergers Syndrome, but he functions normally just like anyone else. I didn't even know he had it until he brought it up. He excels at what he likes, better than the average person. Will this disqualify him from joining?

What can I do with an associates degree in the US Army?

What is MEPS? (noob question I know, sorry for my ignorance).

That is all, thank you.
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1. No, it won't disqualify you from joining.

2. Absolutely.

3. No. In any event, 11B is an single course (Congrats, you graduated basic, now turn left and go learn this infantry MOS)

4. Your friend, like you, will be evaluated by a physician prior to signing a contract. They will make the decision. Should he be denied, there are waivers to apply for but that takes a good while to do. But simply by having Asperger Syndrome will make being in the military very hard for him. It's doubtful he would be approved.

5. Yes and no. See your career counselor at MEPS for advice.

6. MEPS: Military Entrance Processing Center. It's the location where all your physical, medical and mental exams are conducted. Drug tests are done and you choose your MOS and sign a contract (about 30 pages) THEN you walk into a nice carpeted room with a US flag, an officer stands in front of you and your fellow enlistees and you take an oath to serve your nation, defend the constitution, so on and so forth.

All in all, see your local recruiter for the most accurate answers.
WHY do you want to do 11B??? There are tons of other jobs out there, you should consider what you want to do and KNOW that no matter which job you pick, you'll spend a lot of time doing other stuff which seems like nonsense.

Anyway I picked Signal (25 series) because of the training and stuff learned which would prepare me for a job after the Army- in addition it interested me.

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Associates' degree means you can start out with more rank (meaning more pay!). Once you're in, take advantage of Army benefits to finish a bachelor's. Mine took a while but the Army paid 100% of it- BEFORE any GI Bill. It's called tuition assistance. (If it's still around in a year or two)

You will get out of the Army what you put in to it. Good luck with the decisions and enlistment!! Big Grin
Thanks. Infantry just seems like less of a technical job compared to say logistics or something like that. I like shooting guns and the infantry life seems like something I need to be a productive and hard working outdoors. Theres no other job I'd want than 11B. I am also thinking about doing 20 years. Can I still go to college while serving for 20 years and get my BA?
Hi I am currently working on papers for enlisting as active duty in the Army, I took the asvab. exam last August 2013 and i only get a score of 31.... when i talked to my recruiter he said that my job might be laundry specialist.... with my sccore i guess thats a start but my question is can i someday move to a different job... i have a degree in the philippines... i graduated 4 years education course and i took up caregiver too..I'm interested in medical related or office type job. my grades before are all average or above average... second question is my green card is expiring this april of 2014 and ive been instructed by my recruiter to file for renewal.... when i did the immigratio n office just returned my paper back and said thats its still early fr me to apply...i can re apply 90 days before april means i can only apply sometimes in there any there any other easiest way that I can do so I can start my training early 2014? thank you
Originally posted by Hellz:
thought you couldn't enlist even in the Active Army with a ASVAB score under 45?

you are going to have to improve that A
score, as you will not get anywhere near medical field with it.

Laundry specialist?

that must be a current policy put out through a USAREC message, but by regulation it is a 31, unless CAT IV slots are available.

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