I recently went and passed my promotion board. But this bugged me, because I didn't know it.

one of the 1SG asked me what JSLIST was. I answered with what JLIST is, and he said I was wrong, and wouldn't tell me the answer, fearing I would tell others after me.

Anyone have a clue what JSLIST is? Google was lost when I asked it.
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I'm surprised as well..I am signal also, most E4 and below we have are highly encouraged to spend the day studying. Infact, I got that question at the board recently.

Don't worry...our CSM told my sponsor if she could get one question right at the beginning (amount of medal of honor winners from 25th ID) of the board, I'd be dismissed. Our CSM was pretty big on asking the sponsor's questions to see if they really studied with the soldiers.
I guess while this was brought up, isn't the 'new' phrase for NBC now CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) instead? One of my old units kept tossing that phrase instead, 'go see the CBRN NCO for your JSLIST.' Saw a lot of confused new soldiers, and old ones too.
I have been to a few CBRN schools even tho I am an MP. NBC Room Ops and NBC Defense (yes those are the official names of them)

I was always under the impression it was JLIST, after attending the classes I learned that it is in fact JSLIST, as previously stated

Yes, alot of Soldiers new and old still call it JLIST, that is why it is our job to correct them when they use improper names for things. To stop the flow of wrong information.
It has always been JS-LIST, and those who pronounced it "Jay-list" were wrong or just lazy. I recieved my first JS-LIST gear in December of 2002, and a crapload of training to go with it. Our (then) NBC NCO beat the correct acronym into our heads as well.

Even with the short shelf life after opening, we were told in early to mid March, 2003 (by MG Marks, then CFLCC C-2 CG) to pull them out, try them on, and fit the suspenders properly. I think that was our official notification that we were about to go hot in Iraq. Fun fun.

Of course, this was in an intel unit that had been in Kuwait since August 2002, so all the stories of "We're going to Iraq, be prepared" eventually became a commonality and were easily dismissed. Wasn't reinforced until the State of the Union address, when Pres. Bush spoke about Iraq and the evils of Saddam Hussein for a good 30 minutes. Yay.

And while all the tip of the spear guys (whom I've never envied, but am eternally thankful for what they do) were headed into Iraq, for about 37 days, Saddam was shooting his entire missile arsenal at Kuwait (probably because that's where the intel guys were, or maybe he had a specific target and just wasn't accurate). 37 days of continuous MOPP2 minimum, MOPP4 about once every hour or two until the all clear. So in between keeping an accurate portrayal of the battlefield and trying to determine the intentions of the Iraqi military, civilians, cabinet, etc. to brief the CG, we (initially) stopped every time the alarms went off, ran to the bunkers, did a head count, determined if anyone was missing, waited for the all clear, then went back to work.

I said all that to say I'm not overly fond of the JS-LIST, although I do have a rudimentary working knowledge of it.

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