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I am thinking of submitting for the July 2015 board for 920B. The problem is that I am currently on order for an assignment that required an extensive packet and took 18 plus months to acquire. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place as I have been working towards becoming a Warrant Officer ever since I was a private. Had some medical issues I had to overcome to simply be eligible to be boarded. The question is the following: My report date is Sep 10, 2015 and I sign out of the unit on 17 July 2015. Board ends 17 July 2015. So will my orders be cancelled or would I proceed on the assignment and then get sent to WOCS a few months into my assignment? How likely would it be for my new proponent to return me to the newly PCS assignment as a Warrant? Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this thread.
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It should not be a dilemma if you want to be a Warrant Officer.

Also, there is no guarantee that you will be selected on this board, so why not apply?

I did not get selected on my first application for WO. I then deployed to Iraq with the 101st. While in Iraq, I got orders to Germany.

After I redeployed, I still had the opportunity to go attend BNCOC/ALC and a month before PCSing to Germany, I re-submitted another WO packet updating my LORs.

Three months after I arrived in Germany, I got selected and PCSed seven months later.

If you do get selected, you may PCS three months to a year to WOCS.

Your current orders will not get deleted based on the timeline you provided. I will submit.
thanks wisechief. You are absolutely right about not being guaranteed selection. Thanks for the advise. The dilemma I am running into is that a CW4 recruiter told me to take the assignment and do the warrant thing later. The issues I am having is that the assignment I was selected for I can't ask for LOR til the third year in the assignment and that will put me at 13 years AFS. The other issue is a medical issue that I had has been something that I've been working to overcome and finally did. So I feel like I am given two awesome opportunities that I am torn between.
I do not know your current rank or MOS that you are applying for but I would not think that LORs from previous commands will be an issue.

If you are close on passing the AFS requirement; again, I will apply ASAP. Yes, you could submit an exception to policy for AFS but then your chances for getting selected will have decreased. I got selected at 8 years AFS.

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