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I just passed my JMPI test this morning, so tomorrow I will graduate my first time through the course. I'm excited because I've been trying to go since October, but my unit has been too busy training to send me there.
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[quote:4a9135b79e="The Kahuku Saint"]Now you have to pass on the first try through Airborne school! Good luck with that course![/quote:4a9135b79e]

I just noticed this post... and was wondering what you meant.

I've already been through Airborne School. You have to be airborne to be a Jump Master. lol

[quote:a82d92a15b="Stevens"]I guess you can always be chairborne[/quote:a82d92a15b]

Overhere at 525 MI, they have a bunch of headquarters people who aren't airborne. When I walked in the first time, this girl had a "Chairborne" tab on the front of her desk. She spent some time on it because it looked really good.

I thought it was hilarious.
this is why i stress proofreading. of course, i don't always abide by my own rules. As for what I meant, I don't know;that is, I know you have to be Airborne before attending JPMI...um, so I don't know what I was writing about.

unless of course, I was thinking about Air Assault school. Which could very well be it. have you passed air assault school yet. if so, then i stand down from the entire thread.

-KS, nothing pithy to say. Frowner
I want to go to JMS so bad!! Is there a way for me to learn the procedures (already sortta know the in-flight proc. from jumping) before hand? My NCO's and i go over them (yeah they want me to be all "paratrooperlish" b4 i go) but i want like a written study guide or something!

Hey Hicks congrats on that first GO! i know ppl that are going back for the 2d and 3d times!!

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