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Original Post
My MOS is 31D, SSG(P), I should be pin SFC on 1 Aug 06, I have to re-enlist to meet the two years requirement. I got an bonus before (last reenlistment in zone B.) I have 18 yrs of Fed Service.
Do I qualify for any other bonus, "C" zone maybe? do I have to re-enlist for more than 2 yrs to meet the bonus specifications.
No, sorry, you do not qualify for a C Zone bonus or any other bonus.

The C Zone bonuses are for Soldiers between 10 and 14 years Active Federal Service.

Also, because you are over 10 years AND a SSG (or above), you'll only get to reenlist for the the Indefinite Reenlistment Program.

You're actual "ETS" will be your Retention Control Point or RCP or 24 years.
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