Korea, DCSS, Indef, ReUp?

Just a little baffled...

My current ets date is May2015.

I was planning on reenlisting after summer.


I got orders for Korea with a report date August 2014. I dont have orders in my hand yet.

I really dont wanna go there...

Id rather stay at my unit and deploy with them.

My next reenlistment will take me to 20 yrs..

I'VE been to Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan...

What should I do?

Hold out and not sign anything and see what happens?

I would like to get the orders deleted..somehow....
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I feel ya there slcgrad216. I am on assignment to Korea as well. I have a little over two years left on this contract and have to make SSG in order to reenlist for indef. This couldn't come at a worse time of my career. I am trying to spend time with my children while they are still in Texas before my exwife moves this summer. Also, my best friend and future wife is moving down from Wisconsin to be with me. I would like to stay at Fort Hood, but alas, I feel I am stuck with my current assignment.
Originally posted by slcgrad216:
That doesn't sound doctrinal to me but thank you. At some point, Soldiers have to stop getting assignments especially when they are close to retirement.

You aren't too close to retirement if you are still able to re-enlist.

It might be true if you had an approved retirement date. Starting about 2 years ago, they started putting tons of people on assignment that were closing in on the 18 year mark. I had two different MSG in my unit that came down on orders for Korea and another one that came down on PCS orders right before he hit 19 years.

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