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Here's my situation E-8 due to PCS to Korea when I arrive I will have 19 years or service. I am planning on retiring need more control over
My life. I will have 60 day's of leave plus 30 days use lose and so I am told 30 days permissive TDY are given OCONUS. Will I Be allowed to start terminal leave at the 8 month mark? Not really concerned with tour credit. Or will I have to complete the 12 month assignment?
Bonus question can I choose to pcs to my transition location of choice and retire then? Branch is not working with me at all and it really sucks to have to retire in Korea and my family not see me retire in a ceremony.

BTW 3rd tour to Korea, 1 long tour 33 months in combat. So no not trying to just get out of anything.
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I have a couple of senior NCOs in my unit that will be retiring in Korea this year.

But they are both over 25 years of AFS and been in Korea now for over 24 months and they will be taking permissive TDY OCONUS.

Retirement services in Korea will be better able to educate you with your options.

I suggest once your retirement is approved, you can work with branch on your options. In my case, I will be PCSing here soon and I am able to PCS before my DEROS date due to 30-days early report and backing it up more with my leave dates. You can do the same with retirement. I had a buddy leave here before his year was up to attend school. I cannot recall if he had to submit a curtailment.

The issue is that you are not supposed to go beyond your DEROS; even though I knew a couple of soldiers that left after their DEROS date due to issues with their orders and assignment.

My next assignment is my last.
Transitions and your local S1 of course will have the final word but you are entitled to what you have earned...in my humble opinion (which means nothing).

AR 600-8-10 para 5-35 (b) and (h) regard your situation. The examples given earlier in the AR only show for 60 days of accrued leave but surely they will not make you sell the additional?

I am ETSing and was looking this stuff up tonight out here on Yongsan...

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