I wear contact lenses, especially during physical activities. Everything I have read in these forums says that contacts are not really allowed in the ARMY. I have already been to MEPS so my need for corrective vision is on record.

I have another 5 months before I ship to Basic Training. If I have laser eye surgery several months before shipping to Basic will it affect anything?

thanks in advance.
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i recently just went to my 1 yr anniversary appointment of getting lasik. All you need to do after AIT is go down to vision and schedule a comprehensive eye exam to make sure you are a good candidate for Lasik or PRK. (another type of vision correction) From there they will let you know whether you are good to go or not. if you are, they will most likely ask if you want to be part of a study. I opted to go for the study. it pushed my surgery date up from 3 months to 1.5 weeks! the doctors were awesome, the surgery was quick (under 15 minutes) and painless. i walked in wearing glasses and the next day seeing great! its definetly worth it. plus its 100% free.
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i have to ask...what do you mean by 'medically qualify'?

I did PRK ( an eye surgery that keeps you available for airborne operations, where LASIK hindered you ) at Walter Reed when I got home from Iraq, it was one of the best things I've done in my life!

Get the glasses and a new exam ( as if you have a choice ) when you go through reception before BCT. Make sure you go to your civilian doctor and get a copy of your old eye exam before you go, keep it on file. Request a copy of the military eye exam for your record, I forget if they give it to you automatically in your packet or not.

When you graduate BCT and AIT, DONT WEAR CONTACTS AGAIN! I had to post pone my PRK eye surgery because I was wearing contacts, and I beleive it's 90 days prior to your initial exam for PRK qualification that your restricted from wearing contacts ( and they can tell if you did, it leaves an imprint of some sort on your eye they can see and impedes the surgery the doc told me ).

They want you to have atleast 2 past eye exams and an intial to ensure you qualify, now, this might have changed since I got my surgery as it's been a few years.

I'd give you more details about the surgery, but you have a long time before your even eligible!

Just suck it up and wear the Birth Control Glasses or the Combat Eye Protection with Corrective inserts they give you at Basic!

PS alot of people I know wore contacts in Iraq and here in Afghanistan, it's the wrong answer in our line of buis. I don't suggest you break the rules.

Good luck future Soldier!
Some people thing that the surgeries are very complicated thing because they don't have the idea about the correct procedures and all.Generally for each and every surgery their will be some procedures and that we need to follow.If we have an idea on lasik surgery like what are the cost details,procedures,complications,side effects and etc..,that would be better for us.
I had the LASIK done, and the procedure is very simple. The only real side effect is even with the surgery, you may need glasses to read once you hit about 40.

As for harmful, it depends on what you mean. After my surgery my eyes stayed dialated for about 2 days, and I had to wear sunglasses (even indoors) for about two, maybe three weeks. I still see starbursts around lights at night, and I usually wear sunglasses on cloudy days because the UV hurts my eyes. But considering I was 20/40 in one eye and 20/400 in the other before the surgery, and 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other after the surgery, I would say it's worth it.

Allergies or any other side effects would really depend on the person ... different people's bodies will react in different ways. Overall though, there are no known harmful side effects.

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