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I have been wondering. I have been in this unit now for two years. I am the Senior SFC in the unit and now for some reason I have started questioning my 1SG and other personnel on why the heck am I being told to write Soldiers NCOERS that are alredy late? I will always take care of the Soldiers and NCO's but come on enough is a enough. I have had to write 4 NCOER in the last year and all of them were extremely late. Does DA keep track of late NCOER's and does this reflect poorly on the Rater? Any help would be benefical. Thanks,
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Yes DA and your BN and BDE should be tracking NCOERs. Back in the day I had to turn them in the 'first day possible'= ie 30days before the rating period had even ended.

You need to fix 1SG and your Commander and tell them you're not doing someone else's job. You should fix the orderly room/ S-1 so they are tracking when they're due and telling whoever the supervisor of the raters are that they need to get them done.

The fact that someone who is not the rater is writing someone else's NCOER means they're not getting an accurate NCOER.

Have some NCOPD to teach the NCOs in your unit how to write NCOERs, when they should be written, types, etc...
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OK so you don't want to be rude, well throw that crap out the window! You should of thought about that crap prior to typing it!!!! Seriously, I was simply asking a question.

I know the regs, but I wanted some insight from other NCO's. There was no need to belittle someone.

The NCO's that have late NCOERS, that is not up to me it is up to them to track their own careers. Its not hard to know when you are due an NCOER. These late NCOERs are all from people that are Signal but work in other areas non-Signal related. Since I am the S-6 they (CoC) feel I should write their reports even though the don't fall under me or the SIGO on the rating scheme.

Finally, if the BDE CSM tells you to write a NCOER for someone in a made up position, that so happens to be a Signal Soldier are you going to "grow a backbone" and tell the BDE CSM you do it!!!
Wait, are you the rating NCO? If yes then you should be keeping track of who is due and who isn't, regardless of their proximity to you...If you're the rater.
As far as being late, it doesn't look bad on the rater, it looks bad on the entire rating chain and the unit, although I've never seen anything come of it. NCOERs are due to HQDA 90 days after the through date.
SFC Rob, it's nothing personal- this is an open forum. So what I write is for everyone else as well. Most that come to this site are NCOs or Wannabe NCOs. Everyone of them needs to understand that this isn't right.

How are you taking care of the welfare these Soldiers if you just do someone else's work for them? The mission still needs be accomplished though...

I personally would tell CSM that you can 'help' review the NCOERs or you could give suggestions to the Rating NCOS. But you should not be writing Other Raters' NCOERs. Period.

Those Raters should have found out long ago what their NCOs' jobs were and sat down and counseled with them. THEY are the ones that work with the NCOs so THEY should evaluate their performance.

They might not know everything the Signal NCOs do. They don't have to. They need to rate the NCOs on the jobs that they're actually doing. They brag up the fact that the NCOs are working outside their MOS- it shows later boards proficiency as an NCO and not just in their MOS.
(Just like working almost two years outside my MOS as a SSG in 2005-2007 didn't hurt getting my current job.)

Finally, if the BDE CSM tells you to write a NCOER for someone in a made up position, that so happens to be a Signal Soldier are you going to "grow a backbone" and tell the BDE CSM you do it!!!

YES. You do it in a tactful manner, maybe to the 1SG or CO Commander.

Or maybe you sit down with the rater and explain to them that they need to do it. If they have any self-respect as an NCO they should feel hurt that someone else is 'doing their job'- or maybe they're glad to be able to pass the buck?

I don't envy your job- it's a sticky situation. I hope it works out for you.
One of the reasons I went Warrant- I don't answer to the CSM. Wink
SFC Rob a simple answer without getting into specifics on why or why not you should write the NCOER's is:

Yes DA keeps track, regulation says that the Senior Rater is the one responsible for the whole process of the NCOER's being submitted so ultimately he is supposed to have the "why" answer. Realistlcally we both know that crap rolls down hill but it shouldn't reflect bad on you. Furtherly, some installations have what is called the Soldier Welfare Forms (SWF) this is where the CG of the post gets briefed on issues going on by units of Soldier stuff like NCOERs being submitted late and this is where your Chain of Command will have to explain why this evaluation is late and it will invlove all parties including S1 for not pushing hard enough to get these NOCER's done in a timely manner. This data usually gets pushed by G-1.

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